lisa allen wearing camilla and valley eyewear

Things I Collect: SUNGLASSES

Yesterday someone asked me if I had a blog post dedicated to sunglasses. I didn’t, but do now:). I think I’ll start a new series on things I collect, which isn’t too extensive. Really, I collect just a few things: sunglasses, rings, shoes and bags. Today’s focus will be on the sunglasses I collect and wear often so you can easily reference them! Words in bold are links:)

Things I Collect: Sunglasses

Lisa Allen wearing Valley Eyewear SunglassesThe pair of sunglasses I have worn the longest are my VALLEY EYEWEAR DB’S. I’ve had this style for 5 years and still wear them often. These are heavier than some of my glasses and extremely well made.California Lifestyle Blogger wearing ICON RAY-BAN GLASSES in 53mm

I wear these ICON RAY-BAN GLASSES in 53mm often. They are so light to wear!

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Wearing Oversized Chloe Sunglasses

I bought these OVERSIZED CHLOE’S for our trip to Hawaii. They are a lot of fun to wear, but you do have to be carful taking them on and off due to the exposed lens. I have the color gold/havana.

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes with daughter Poppy wearing Levi's, Chloe Sneakers, AG Tee and Urban Outfitters

I had the original pair of these GOLD TRIMMED CHLOE’S years ago. It was their signature style. Was happy to see them bring them back in new colors and a bigger frame.

Lisa Allen of salty lashes wearing a free people blouse with l'agence jeans, schultz heels, le specs sunglasses, and a gucci tote

I recently bought these LeSpecs! They are under $100 and fit really well.

I just bought these ROUND RAY-BANS. Super fun!

Another new purchase are these CLEAR QUAY GLASSES. My friend Alexa wore them on her story the other day..had to have them!

lisa allen wearing club master ray-bans sunglasses

I have owned the CLUBMASTER RAY-BANS for several years. They are unisex glasses Jeff and I can share.

I bought these TORTOISE KAREN WALKER glasses a couple of years ago. I love the look. They are more fitted on my head which most prefer to have. However I can’t wear them longer than a couple of hours.

lisa allen of salty lashes wearing the winona sunglasses from wildfox

I have both colors of these WINONA WILDFOX GLASSES. Love them equally.

Wildfox Coronado Sunglasses on Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes

Another pair I bought last year are these WILDFOX CORONADO glasses. I look like a pair of Gucci frames for 1/4 of the price.

lisa allen of salty lashes wearing grey ant sunglasses

My GREY ANT GLASSES are really well made. You don’t see them often on other bloggers which I love!

lisa allen of salty lashes wearing dior sidereal sunglasses

I love how modern my DIOR SIDERAL glasses are.

Oversized Givenchy Eyewear on Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes

I bought these GIVENCHY SUNGLASSES while pregnant with Ozzy. They are pretty large and super fun to wear!





  • Reply Ashley May 10, 2018 at 12:46 PM

    I love all your posts but I especially appreciate this one because i always notice your sunglasses and love all the styles you wear!!

  • Reply Shannon May 14, 2018 at 8:01 AM

    what brand is the dress in the first picture?

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