Tips to Grow Your Hair Long

I am often asked if how I keep my hair long. My #1 response is “I always let it air dry”. Finding products and a regime for healthy hair is key to growing your hair out and keeping it long. Today I’m sharing what works for me and the products I rotate through. I’ll share those products, as well as some of my best tips & tricks for maintaining long, healthy-ish hair.

Tips to Grow Your Hair Long

One trick I’ve learned that helps my hair stay healthy is limiting the times you blow it dry. Drying your hair exposes it to unnecessary heat and rids your hair of key moisture! I allow my hair to air dry after I wash it and never dry it myself. 

I’ve trained my hair to go a few days between washes. I only wash my hair about 1-2 times a week and allow my scalps natural oils to benefit my hair. If I want to style my hair at all, I use a waver or curl stick once a week!

Vitamins play another role in maintaining long hair. Vitamin E, Biotin, Keratin & Antioxidants provide your hair with nutrition that is vital. I’ll share some of my favorites below:

My Go-To Shampoo’s

  • I’ve been using OLAPLEX NO. 4 BOND MAINTENANCE SHAMPOO for years & fully trust what it does for my hair! Olaplex products are amazing for hair that experiences coloring. 
  • Love my KERASTASE ANTI-BRASS PURPLE SHAMPOO. I rotate through this shampoo along with my other ones and make sure my hair benefits from it’s anti-brassing qualities.
  • Kerastase also makes this amazing NUTRITIVE SHAMPOO FOR DRY HAIR. ANother amazing shampoo I use and love that needs to be added to your hair routine.
  • My good friend Amber Fillerup recently launched an amazing hair line, DAE. The products are truly amazing and the DAE SHAMPOO works wonders on my hair. I added it to my shampoo rotation.

My Go-To Conditioners & Hair Masks

My Go-To Hair Treatments

  • Love applying this OLAPLEX NO.3 HAIR PERFECTER to my hair after I get out of the shower. 
  • This OLAPLEX BONDING OIL is a great serum to add to the ends of your hair to prevent breakage and lock in benefits from the other Olaplex products.
  • KERASTASE ELIXIR ULTIME SERUM is another amazing oil that provides your hair some amazing benefits and helps keep it healthy.
  • At night, I use a little bit of this NUTRITIVE 8H MAGIC NIGHT SERUM on my hair ends. It helps protect my hair overnight and keeps it calm for when I wake up the next morning.
  • I use this GLOW HABIT LEAVE IN DETANGLER on both mine & my girls hair! It definitely helps when brushing out your hair and protects it from pulling and tangling.
  • I’ve been using IT’S A 10 LEAVE IN SPRAY for years and don’t plan on stopping. I can tell a difference from when I don’t use it and when I do.
  • ORIBE’S SPLIT END SEAL is a great product for protecting your ends and preventing splitting and breaking. I use this after I wash my hair.

My Go-To Styling Products

My Go-To Styling Tools

  • This SULTRA BOMBSHELL CURLING ROD is amazing for big wavy curls. Love the way my hair turns out when I use this.
  • My girls and I swear by our WET BRUSHES. They’re the most gentle and best for protecting your hair.
  • This ALLURE HAIR WAVER is my most used hair tool. Love the beachy waves it gives my hair. I’ll take my CURLING ROD and add a few curls in with the waves as well!
  • This T3 INTERCHANGEABLE WAND CURLER SET is a great option for styling hair while keeping it healthy! Love the different size barrel options it comes with as well.

My Go-To Hair Vitamins

  • These GLOW HABIT HAIR GUMMIES are one of my favorite hair vitamins! Love the biotin, bamboo extract and vitamin E included in each gummy! The right vitamins are so important for growing and maintaining long hair.
  • These OLLY HAIR GUMMIES offer some different but just as important complexes to your hair health like keratin & antioxidants.