Ways to Help a New Habit Stick with Zella

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I think we’re all ready for a huge refresh when it comes to the new year. I’m looking forward to incorporating my best habits back into my life as well as setting a few new goals! Zella from Nordstrom makes it easy to find activewear and loungewear that fall hand in hand with any new healthy habits you are creating for yourself! 

Zella’s unique clothing comes in high-quality styles and designs for all types of exercise and workouts. I love how their activewear fits me and how well it holds up whether I’m on a jog, hiking, hanging out around home or running errands. Finding comfortable workout wear that you feel confident in plays a huge role in your goals and how you maintain them. Shopping Zella at Nordstrom is easy with Nordstrom’s curbside pickup, BOPUS, free shipping & returns and Nordy Club Membership!

Ways To Help A New Habit To Stick

  • Find someone to join in your goals with you! Accountability is an amazing asset in creating and maintaining your goals.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself. Start small and work your way up! Instead following a strict, fad diet, try eliminating certain foods or incorporating healthier ones into your current eating habits.
  • Make a list & visualize! Nothing feels better than crossing something off of my to-do list. Keeping a list helps me visualize what I need to do and receive satisfaction from completing it.
  • Give yourself a time frame. Try your new habits out for a week or a month. See if those habits make you happy and work in a lifestyle you can maintain! 
  • Look at your goals as a blessing. Instead of seeing working out or cleaning your home as a burden, think of how lucky you are to have a body that can exercise and a home you can take care of! Mindset is everything. 

New Items from Zella

  1. Love the seamless style on these WOMEN’S TIPPED LEGGINGS. Such a comfortable fit that doesn’t stretch after hours of wear.
  2. This FRESH AIR LIGHTWEIGHT JACKET is so great for outdoor workouts, especially during the winter! Perfect for runs, walks or jogs.
  3. Love the material and flow in this ZELLA RACERBACK TANK. Perfect workout tops for any type of exercise.
  4. These ZELLA LIVE IN LEGGINGS are one of my favorite pairs of leggings. They’re buttery-soft, durable and comfortable.
  5. How cozy do these ORGANIC COTTON ANKLE JOGGERS look?1 I love the neutral color and styling options.
  6. I love the unique hem on this ALYCE PULLOVER. Super cozy and the style is timeless.
  7. These LIVE IN BIKE SHORTS come in 4 colors and are so cute. These are such a great gift for women & teens.
  8. I love the razorback and length on this STUDIO LITE LONGLINE BRA. Such great support and perfect for working out or lounging.
  9. The twist on the front of this CARA HOODIE is the cutest detail! Love the cozy, hooded fit.
  10. I love these ZELLA NO SHOW SOCKS. Super comfortable and a great stocking stuffer!
  11. This CAREY CREW SWEATSHIRT has the cutest high/low style and is a great workout top that can double as a daily sweater. Easy to style up or down.
  12. The marble print on this JAMIE INK CREWNECK is super cute and comes in 4 colors. 
  13. These LIVE IN JOGGERS are so great for hikes, jogs or stretching. I love to wear mine when traveling too! 
  14. I love the high neck and loose fit on this CAREY RIDGE PULLOVER! 5 cute colors to choose from.
  15. This ZELLA LONG SLEEVE PERFORMANCE TEE is such a great workout top for the cold weather. Lightweight, breathable and flattering.
Ways to Help a New Habit Stick with Zella Ways to Help a New Habit Stick with Zella Ways to Help a New Habit Stick with Zella kids sweater dress zella