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Avery finished her freshman year last Friday. I think I’ve seen her a total of 1o hours since then…her friends are top priority right now and I get it. I can hardly believe she will be SIXTEEN this summer. Honestly, I cry when I think how soon she’ll be out of the house. Had you asked me 5 years ago how I felt about my kids getting older and going away to school, I probably had a countdown chart.:) Then this magical thing called puberty happens, their hormones even out and you get to see just how awesome they are again. If I could go back and do years 9-13 again, I would probably do some serious meditation (or medication;)) and try to appreciate those years more. Now that Goldie is 9 and starting some of the pre-puberty frustrations I have to remind myself daily to just relax and love them regardless of their words/actions.


Poppy finished her 8th grade year on Friday and is headed to high school! I am happy to have both Avery and Poppy together in school again. Why? They keep tabs on each other and are easy to bribe for information on the other:). Poppy has been at SDSU this week for a Nike lacrosse camp with some of her teammates. I’m headed to pick her up in a couple of hours. She is currently on a travel team for lacrosse this summer and has another tournament this Saturday. I love her dedication to lacrosse. It’s the first sport she’s played and completely fell in love with!


Goldie is still in school this week. She get’s out tomorrow, although she stayed home today anyway. Haha, I think once her class party ended yesterday she went into straight summer vacation mode. Goldie starts Jr. Lifeguards this coming Monday for 2 weeks. She is super excited! Avery and Poppy did it for a few years and loved it. This is the first year Goldie is old enough to do it. Such a great program. If you live in a beach town it’s crazy important for your kids to know how to swim in the ocean vs just a pool.


“Goldie” “Goldie” “Mom” “Mom” – her go-to response when anyone other than her family asks her a question. Oh my gosh, Ozzy is the best. We are all so obsessed with her. A few times a day she’ll use a complete sentence. Last night driving home from a photoshoot it was “stop it Goldie, leave me lone”. Meanwhile Goldie is literally on a separate row and not even talking to her, haha. Having her sisters home when she wakes up each day is like Christmas morning to Ozzy, she loves being together as a family. Me too, Oz.


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New Summer Arrivals

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