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Weekly Update + New Arrivals

WEEKLY (or monthly, it’s been awhile:)) UPDATE


Jeff’s been busy building a new shoppable website for his custom door business. I’ve seen a few drafts of it and it’s going to be really cool! You’ll be able to pick your wood, design, size and see a mockup before you order. Plus, now all doors will be able to be shipped directly to you anywhere in the US! He’s really excited about this next step in his business. I’ll be sure and announce when the new site is live! Also, our front yard will be completed by Halloween. Last week on the story I showed you the wooden privacy screens Jeff was building. They are installed and look really cool against the concrete walls. I’ll share more updates as it’s finished!

Someone messaged me this week and said “you do sooo many ads. lol. It’s a lot…” My first reaction was an eye roll and wanting to ignore. But, she was right. I have had a lot of jobs the past couple of months, especially with back to school season #4kids:). I am grateful for the jobs we’re offered and I turn down any job that doesn’t feel like a good fit. Last week I had an offer from a popular online retailer and the rate was incredibly tempting! I thought about how I could make it work for maybe 2 minutes before I realized, I couldn’t make it work and actually feel good about it. So I turned it down.


I guess my reason for sharing this is to let you in a little on what goes into my decision making and to acknowledge that I understand as a reader you’ve seen a lot of #ad’s. I appreciate each of you being here when you don’t have to be. For taking the time to read my posts, commenting, letting me know my kids make you laugh, asking questions and supporting our family. To sum up, it means the world to me! So really, thank you for understanding that even though there are many ads, it’s still my voice and my opinions and what I want to be sharing with you each day!


These two are on a roll right now being friends with each other and I don’t want to jinx it! This is the nicest I’ve seen them be to each other, maybe ever. Poppy is a freshman and Avery is a sophomore. Avery turned 16 last week and will be celebrating her birthday this weekend with some of her best girlfriends, including Poppy. The Four Seasons is hosting us for a little staycation. You may remember when they hosted Goldie’s party HERE two years ago. We love working with them and the property is truly incredible!


Goldie is LOVING school this year. I swear a good teacher makes all the difference in her love of school. She started the fall season of lacrosse last week as well and started piano last month. She is my only child with a desire to play an instrument. When I was little I was forced to play the piano, violin and took voice lessons and German lesson for several years. Guess what? I cannot play the violin, piano or sing..haha! I think this is why I haven’t pushed it on my kids, so seeing Goldie WANT to do it is really fun! As you’ve seen on my stories, Ozzy loves life! She is 2.5 now and so much fun! She has always been the sweetest, but watching her grow into her own personality is another level of entertainment!


  1. This MOCK NECK SWEATER is really soft! And I just got it in grey!
  2. I just ordered this PATTERNED DRESS! 
  3. I 100% need this OVERSIZED VINTAGE SWEATER in navy!
  4. This is such a cool BLACK SKIRT! I want it!
  5. Such a good HENLEY TOP! Brand new arrivals out now!
  6. Another HENLEY I’m loving is this one in black!
  7. One of my favorite TEES just got some new colors, love these! Wearing a xs.
  8. I am super into this TIE DYE JACKET! 
  9. I love this MAXI DRESS so so much!
  10. Look how fun this LEE MILITARY JACKET is
  11. I’m wearing the SHIRT version of this LEOPARD DRESS today. The dress is so good!
  12. I bought these CELINE GLASSES for my birthday last month. Brand new arrivals now available online!
  13. These FAUX LEATHER JOGGERS are really fun! True to size.
  14. This is such a pretty CREAM BLOUSE! 
  15. I love dip in the waist on these NEW LEGGINGS 
  16. I bought this SWEATER in black and absolutely love it!
  17. Such a great pair of BASIC JEANS!  They’re brand new arrivals!
  18. So many of you loved my STRIPED HEELS the other day! I also just bought them in LEOPARD. 
  19. I bought this KNIT DRESS last week. It runs big, order down a size!
  20. Also bought this CABKLE KNIT SWEATER in pink and in rust. True to size.

cheetah top

New fall Arrivals

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CHEETAH TOP (wearing a 34) DENIM( go up one size) CONVERSESUNGLASSES 

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