Weekly Update + Stripe Jumpsuits

I think I made the mistake a few weeks back in this POST sharing this FLORAL TOP. Now that I am finally sharing it on Salty Lashes, it’s almost sold out along with my stripe jumpsuit. Soooorrrry. I did find some incredible stripe jumpsuits below that are equally as great as this one!


JEFF & LISA– we are currently walking on sanded floors all throughout the downstairs. We had white lacquered floors in the kitchen and sealed concrete throughout the rest of the downstairs, plus carpet in the family room. It is all getting ripped out and replaced. The tile team came yesterday to start. They made a mess by sanding everything and then let us know they won’t be back for 4 days…uhh. The reason we are switching out the carpet so soon is because there was a manufacturers defect as a well as a installation issue. We loved the carpet and planned to put in the office as well. The carpet store we purchased at came out to see what the issue was and filed a claim with the carpet company only to discover the company had gone out of business..awesome. Stay tuned on Instagram story for progress photos.

AVERY & POPPY- Avery and I toured the high school she’ll attend next year. I talked about this on story, but it was kind of sad to be there knowing she’ll be through high school and out of the house before I know it. Gah, I struggle with the idea of my kids growing up. When I had two toddlers running around I couldn’t wait for the next stage. Now I’m wishing I would have known how I felt today and really enjoyed those long days at home chasing kids and cleaning up their messes. I guess that’s why I’ve enjoyed Goldie and Ozzy in a different way. There was enough space between them and Avery and Poppy which allowed me to realize how quickly time passes by.

Poppy is all signed up to start lacrosse in the next couple of weeks. I walked in the other day to studio lighting and a tripod she set up to film a makeup tutorial. She loves special effects make-up and was so cute talking into the camera about 3D make-up and how to create scars, etc.

GOLDIE & OZZY- we shot the new spring look book for Koolaburra this week. Goldie was all over the place! Ha, there is something about Goldie when she is with our photographer Arielle that brings out the extra weird side of her. I think some of it is that Goldie is very comfortable around Arielle and also around the camera. So the mix of the two is something else…

Ozzy girl is now 10 months! So crazy. Sad news for all of us who love her fangs..both her front two teeth have poked through. Jeff and I say we don’t think Ozzy ever has a bad day. She is always happy and excited. When she gets grumpy it doesn’t take much to turn it back into a good mood. I love that!

Lisa and Ozzy Allen wearing Topshop, Stella & Lucca and Vans