Lisa Allen wearing a black PJ top with Levi's and Gucci Studded flats

Weekly Update + Tops Under $75

Oh hi! Time for another weekly update. We spent our weekend in Arizona for Jeff’s grandma’s funeral. It was really nice to be there and spend time with our families. Being with all of Jeff’s cousins is a good reminder how important it is for our kids to see and keep in close contact with their cousins. We’ve talked about moving back to AZ multiple times. When the kids and I moved out to California Avery was 9, Poppy 8 and Goldie almost 3. I told them we would try it out for just one year and then take a family vote. If the kids weren’t happy, we’d go back. I meant it (although my fingers, toes, hair etc were crossed hoping they would love it here). We decided as a family to stay in California. Fast forward 5 years, the kids have such great groups of friends. Like really great families out here in Encinitas. They’ve settled in nicely. I mean, it’s a great place to grow up. So for now, we stay.

Avery – I realized driving home from Disneyland today Avery speaks Spanish really well. Like full sentences and fast Spanish. I saw her teacher at the school last week and she told me Avery is her best student. I just didn’t think one semester of middle school Spanish could produce these results. We had the best time at Disneyland, just me, Avery and Poppy. Avery talked me into Guardians of the Galaxy (formerly Tower of Terror). I screamed like a child with my head in Avery’s lap the entire ride. Never again.

Poppy – is in full birthday party planning mode. When Poppy gets an idea in her head, she becomes obsessed. Her birthday isn’t until middle of March, yet she’d like to finalize these plans in the next 24 hours… Poppy was in charge of looking up wait times today at Disneyland. She is so good at mapping out the park according to wait times and distance. We did almost all the rides we wanted to, had a sit down lunch, picked up a surprise for Oz and Gold and found churro ice cream sandwiches, all in 6 hours.

Goldie – each year Goldie’s school does a fundraiser run to benefit the school. Jeff hates this since we are asked to donate a large sum of money at the beginning of the year as well as other donations. This event is a fun run and you donate money per lap that your child runs. They can run up to 36 laps and each year Goldie completes all 36. Jeff offered her money per lap or a trip to Target with him. She chose Target and is now the proud owner of a Baby Alive doll that poops and chokes on play-doh noodles…ps, this is the same doll I’ve been saying no to for over a year. Smart girl to wait until I wasn’t around to ask Jeff.

Ozzy – oh man, Ozzy is standing on her own ready to take a step. Her balance is awesome, especially for a 9 month old. I took Oz into an eye specialist this morning. Both eyes have clogged tear ducts, the one that we deal with most(since birth) is completely clogged and the other is only partially blocked. The doctor also tested her eyes for a couple other things readers with medical degrees from Web MD have messaged me to point out, and she is just fine. 🙂   Lisa Allen wearing a black PJ top with Levi's and Gucci Studded flats: Tops Under $75

Lisa Allen wearing a black PJ top with Levi's and Gucci Studded flats





  • Reply Andrea Jones January 31, 2018 at 5:56 AM

    I am super happy you still do these fashionista posts on Salty Lashes. I thought I had lost my muse when you went solo. I look forward to your posts more than ever. Thank you thank you!!!

    • Reply Lisa Allen January 31, 2018 at 9:19 AM

      For sure! You’ll always see lots of fashion. Thanks for being here!

  • Reply Amanda January 31, 2018 at 8:10 PM

    I laughed out loud about the Webmd comment! My husband is a doctor, and he runs into webmd problems every dang day. If you can diagnose/treat every ailment just by reading webmd, why on earth would you spend 10+ years and hundreds of thousands of dollars going to medical school?!! I guess it was a poor decision on our part…?
    I love your blog!!

    • Reply Lisa Allen February 1, 2018 at 9:50 PM

      haha, but really. lots of IG doctors. I’m guilty of self diagnosing. Last year I was certain I was having a heart attack thanks to Web MD. Turned out to be major anxiety instead.

  • Reply Annika February 5, 2018 at 8:16 PM

    Hi! I’m wondering how thin the Revolve $30 tee is?? I’ve been looking for a non-see thru white tee and this one looks like it could be it! Also I’m loving all the content over here, thank you for sharing your pro tips and finds!

    • Reply Lisa Allen February 5, 2018 at 9:57 PM

      Hey Annika,

      The tee is as thin/thick as a Hanes tee. Not sheer, but still a white tee so you can see bra lines under, but it’s subtle.
      Thanks for being here!

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