Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes wearing a Guess Rugby Top with Levi's and Golden Goose in Encinitas California

You Might Have Been A 90’s Teen If…

I was a child of the 80’s and a teen in the 90’s. It’s funny how fashion does a complete 360 and my children are wearing the same brands and styles I did at their age. I kind of love it! When I saw this striped GUESS rugby top, I had flashbacks to middle school. I owned every color of GUESS stripe shirts. Seeing this brought back memories of my sisters and I arguing over who wore each others clothes to school. I’m the youngest of 4 and there were a lot of battles over clothing at our house! We loved Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Girbaud, Lucky, Doc Martens, Birkenstocks, Abercrombie and Fitch, Stussy, Mossimo(pre Target), Gap, Calvin Klein and Vans. I guess not a lot has changed…#360

You Might Have Been A Teen In The 90’s If You Remember…

  • TGIF: We looked forward to the Friday night line up every week. Other T.V shows: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends, Saved by the Bell, Full House, Dawson’s Creek, Beverly Hills 90210 and Friends.
  • You cried when the cast of 90210 graduated from CU. I couldn’t imagine TV without Dylan, Brenda, Brandon, Donna and Kelly.
  • You’re still listening to Nirvana, Dr. Dre, Notorious B.I.G, Alanis Morisette, Pearl Jam, 2Pac, Goo Goo Dolls, Radiohead, The Fugees, Weezer, U2, TLC, Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Green Day, etc. because 90’s music is incredible!
  • You had the coolest collection of gel pens.
  •  Your bedroom ceiling was decorated with glow in the dark stars and planets that you put on in elementary/middle school and couldn’t remove without paint coming off the ceiling.
  •  You owned a pager.
  •  You clipped a Discman to your shorts for a run. Then as the weight from the Discman set in and your shorts began to fall down, you then had to carry your CD player the rest of the way home.
  • You saved all your money to have a bulky CD player installed in your car at Best Buy.
  • You didn’t think 98 Degrees was that cool, but you thought Nick Lachey was cute so you listened anyway.
  • Britney was everything and you felt like you had to choose between her and Christina. #teamBritney
  • You easily recall the sound of dial up internet and the hours it felt like trying to get online.
  • Blockbuster was the hang out on weekend nights. “Be kind and rewind.”
  • You understand the Dewey Decimal System
  • You know how to place a collect call and how to call your mom for free on a payphone by saying “come pick me up” instead of your name, then quickly hanging up to avoid charges.
  • Trapper Keepers were life
  • You know every word to Ice Ice Baby and Baby Got Back.
  • You owned collection of Scrunchies
  • MTV Spring Break was forbidden to watch. It’s basically the equivalent of Disney Channel now.
  • Chokers & Babydoll Dresses made a great combo.
  • You had the movie Clueless memorized.
  • Leo was every girls crush thanks to Titanic
  • The Full House theme song was all you needed to cure a bad day. I love you Uncle Jesse
  • The grunge era. Nirvana and Green Day. Girls really took on the oversized flannels and Doc Martens look.
  • You were such a prude, yet somehow knew every word to Eazy-E songs. Okay, so that was me. I would ground my children for life if I heard them signing those lyrics!!
  • First to have cell phones. I remember getting a cell phone in 98′. It was bigger than my entire head and felt like I was lifting a weight to my ear.
  • Dark lipliner and Clinique Black Honey Lipstick
  • Freddy Prinze Jr. was my crush.
  • Button Your Fly was Levi’s tag line

The Comeback of 90’s Fashion I Still Love..








90’s JEANS: I did a whole post on these HERE!

  • You’ve seen me wear this 90’s FIT for several months now. I love them so much, I bought 2 pair incase they quit making them or my kids take a pair and ruin them. Size down one size.
  • The same fit as the pair above, this 90’s FIT minus the knee holes.
  • Avery and Poppy wear these LEVI’S several times a week.
  • This CINCHED PAIR of Levi’s might be my newest purchase!
  • Avery has these BLACK MOM JEANS, she loves!
  • Levi WEDGIES in black
  • Great pair of mom jeans UNDER $75 
  • I really love this CLASSIC PAIR 
  • I love the wash on this pair of AGOLDE 
  • Considering I have this 90’s style in two washes, I guess I should also get WHITE 
  • Fun pair of CROPPED mom jeans 

You Might Have Been A 90's Teen If... Guess Rugby Top with Levi's and Golden Goose in Encinitas California

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes wearing a Guess Rugby Top with Levi's and Golden Goose in Encinitas California

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes wearing a Guess Rugby Top with Levi's and Golden Goose in Encinitas California




  • Reply Melinda Ruesch April 30, 2018 at 6:18 PM

    Oh gosh…’NSYNC’s first CD, Boyz to Men, and TLC always!!! TRL (on MTV) and Dr pepper lip smackers!

    • Reply Lisa Allen May 1, 2018 at 9:58 AM

      yes to all of it!

  • Reply Shannon April 30, 2018 at 6:40 PM

    I love all of this! I skipped school to buy the nsync c.d., I still grieve over Justin and Britney, and I had a few shirts with either smiley faces or a peace sign. Always paired with a choker. I also did the Tweety Bird look for a little too long. ??

    • Reply Lisa Allen May 1, 2018 at 9:58 AM

      haha the tweety bird look..ha!!

  • Reply Sandy fultz April 30, 2018 at 7:59 PM

    While you were a teen in the 90’s I was 20’s now 50. I would have to say the 90’s were the best! For me the music was ??I loved the grunge music Pearl Jam my favorite and all bands that came out of Seattle. Clothing I can relate to you and what you were wearing. I remember our first cell phone oh my gosh that thing was big. The show I was into was the Real World on MTV and Melrose Place,loved it! Also loved all the 90’s models and bought their workout VHS tapes. Being a bit older I can relate as I had 2 babies in the 90’s and a middle school Child during the 90’s Anyhow thanks for the memory lane the 90’s definitely my favorite era. I’ll be headed to Seattle in August to see Pearl Jam in August still a faithful fan.


    • Reply Lisa Allen May 1, 2018 at 9:59 AM

      You are so lucky! Pearl Jam in concert is so much fun. Have a great time!

  • Reply Paige Rodriguez May 1, 2018 at 8:09 AM

    This was my favorite post. I hung onto every word and memory! The dial up internet. I remember trying over and over and OVER again. That sound!!! The Discman on my shorts, then holding it all the way home. Ahhh!! I remember it so vividly now!! And the Trapper Keepers. You were nobody without a Trapper Keeper!! And the lyrics. Oh my gosh. Eazy-E… Too Short… Bone Thugs n Harmony (college for me). I was SO GHETTO and SOOOOO WHITE all at once!!! That was so fun to read!!!!

    • Reply Lisa Allen May 1, 2018 at 10:00 AM

      hahahah! “so ghetto and so white” That is funny!

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