lisa allen sharing 10 black tops for 2019

10 Black Tops For Any Wardrobe

What’s more chic and versatile than a BLACK BLOUSE?

Not much. They can literally be worn with any color of denim, a skirt, layered over a I said, super versatile! Today I’m sharing 10 black tops I’m loving that would be a great addition to any wardrobe!


  1. The BLACK BLOUSE I’m wearing in today’s post. I love the shoulders and the length of the sleeve. I’m wearing a size small. I always size up when buying a cropped length top. Adds another 1-2 inches.
  2. I love the fit of this LAYERING TEE!
  3. I have the short sleeve version of this PJ STYLE TOP, it’s so good and on sale!
  4. This LONG SLEEVE TOP is really pretty. Lots of colors to choose from, including black.
  5. This LACE TOP is so gorgeous! Bonus, it’s on sale.
  6. I just bought this BOHEMIAN BLACK BLOUSE. I bought a size 2. It’s so pretty.
  7. Check out these SLEEVES..gorgeous!
  8. The fit of this BLACK SWEATER is so good. I love how it hangs so well.
  9. Such a great RUCHED SLEEVE!
  10. Oh my gosh, look at this LACE TEXTURED TOP..extra 50% off today! Ordering!

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lisa allen in black madewell jeans and black studded chloe booties

black free people top with madewell jeans, chloe booties and dior friendship bracelets on lisa allen of salty lashes


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