5 Ways to Start Your Day Off Right

Starting your morning off on the right foot is key when it comes to a successful day. I’ve learned that the more productive & goal- oriented I am in the mornings; it reflects throughout the rest of my day. Objects in motion stay in motion! It’s so important to create solid habits that pave the path to a successful day. 

5 Ways to Start Your Day Off Right 

  1. This can be hard, but I try my best to not to check my phone when I first wake up. Clouding your mind with social media from the second your eyes are open is proven unhealthy for your mind’s productivity! Instead, I love stretching for a few minutes & taking 5 deep gratitude breaths. 
  2. Drink a green juice or smoothie! And hydrate! I love drinking a green juice when I wake up & immediately giving my body and mind some of the best nutrients! 
  3. When I’m driving my girls to school, we love to repeat affirmations aloud in the car. Repeating things like “I am kind,”, “I am smart,”, “I am a good friend,”, etc. is so great for setting the intentions and mood of the day.
  4. MOVE YOUR BODY. This is always my favorite part of the day. Even just for 30 minutes, go on a walk, to the gym, take a class, or anything that gets your body moving!
  5. Make a checklist of everything that needs to get done in the day in order of importance. This will help you prioritize your day! I love getting the thing I dread the most done early in the day and out of the way.

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