Accessories: Jewelry, Handbags & Eyewear

Let’s talk accessories! I have more jewelry than I do clothing, it’s true. Since I was a little girl I started collecting rings and charms. The first piece I have memory of is a gold charm with my name written in hebrew. My parents brought it back from Jerusalem when I was about 5 years old. I still have every sentimental piece ever given to me.

You know I like to pile on the rings and bracelets. I go through phases with statement necklaces and handbags, but always stay true to EYEWEAR.  

I look at accessories as investments. When I spend a lot of money on something, I take extra good care of them. Also, having four daughters, I want to pass down pieces and handbags to my kids one day.  Today I’ll share my favorites from each category:


  • The wedding bands that Jeff had made for me are custom. All different metals, sizes and stones. I knew I wanted stacking bands and not a solitaire.
  •  Jeff took a band he gave me (I didn’t wear it often) and had it made by my friend Jillian into the diamond pinky ring you see me were daily. I’m obsessed with it!
  • I have several rings from Jillian of Marrow Fine. She’s local here in North County San Diego and an incredible jeweler.
  • James Michelle is one of the very first designers I ever collaborated with almost 7 years ago. She is a dream and makes some of favorite GOLD and SILVER jewelry.
  • My gold and diamond coil ring is by SIMON G. I toured their factory a couple years ago. All handmade one by one.
  • I have a collection of turquoise rings. Many are vintage, two are from Goldie Lew, and I’ve picked up a few along the way like: HEREHEREHEREHERE HERE 
  • I get a lot of questions about my AQUAMARINE RING from Amy Gregg. I love it so so much!


  • I’ve had my Cartier LOVE bracelet on for over 10 years. It’s locked on and doesn’t come off without a screwdriver. It slows me down in airport security, every time.
  • Another bracelet I don’t take off the past 4 months, a Jade Bracelet my nail lady brought back from Vietnam. Guess why I haven’t removed it? She told me it was bad luck..
  • I love wearing Wooden Bangles 
  • You’ve seen me wearing this Budha Girl Gold Bangle Stack for a few weeks now. I wear a size medium. They are incredible and so light!


    • Jeff gave me a Maya Brenner “J” Necklace when we were dating. It hasn’t come off since. It’s so light and dainty.
    • Coin Necklaces are really popular right now. I still have a few from 15 years ago. Just shot an outfit post yesterday wearing one of my favorites. Wish the designer was still around. Other coin necklaces I love: HERE ( I have two from her) – HEREHEREHEREHERE


  • At one point in my life I had about 10 piercings in my ears. I also had a nose ring at one point (I’ll save that story for another day). My ears developed a sensitivity to metals about 6 years ago and now I can only wear medical grade titanium posts. They are not easy to find which is why I never change out my earrings and now only wear 5 earrings total (3 on one side, 2 on the other). If I could wear big fun earrings again, I’d like these…


    • I bought these OVERSIZED CHLOE’S for our trip to Hawaii. They are a lot of fun to wear, but you do have to be carful taking them on and off due to the exposed lens. I have the color gold/havana.
    • I wear these ICON RAY-BAN GLASSES in 53mm often. They are so light to wear!
    • The pair of sunglasses I have worn the longest are my VALLEY EYEWEAR DB’S. I’ve had this style for 5 years and still wear them often. These are heavier than some of my glasses and extremely well made.
    • I had the original pair of these GOLD TRIMMED CHLOE’S years ago. It was their signature style. Was happy to see them bring them back in new colors and a bigger frame.
    • I recently bought these LeSpecs! They are under $100 and fit really well.
    • I have owned the CLUBMASTER RAY-BANS for several years. They are unisex glasses Jeff and I can share.
    • I bought these TORTOISE KAREN WALKER glasses a couple of years ago. I love the look. They are more fitted on my head which most prefer to have. However I can’t wear them longer than a couple of hours.
    • I bought these GIVENCHY SUNGLASSES while pregnant with Ozzy. They are pretty large and super fun to wear!
    • My lates pair, by MARC JACOBS

HANDBAGS – did you know if you take care of your designer bags, they can actually increase in value the you go to resale? 

  • My recent purchase is the FENDI KAN I got for Mother’s Day. This color combo sold out real quick. Here is a LINK to the most similar.
  • I bought this GUCCI TOTE about a year ago. Still love it.
  • My GREY YSL most similar linked
  • I use my LV NEVERFULL (large size) daily for Ozzy’s stuff and travel.
  • MZ Wallace just came out with this CRANBERRY METRO. It’s amazing!
  • I have a STUDDED YSL from a few years ago. Also, I wish they’d make the style again, it’s so good!
lisa allen wearing a topshop organza top with lagence stripe pants lisa allen of salty lashes with accessories lisa allen of salty lashes wearing a topshop organza top with lagence stripe pants

Outfit Details: WHITE ORGANZA TOP (wearing a 2) – BLACK and WHITE STRIPE PANTS (wearing a 2 and had them hemmed 2 inches and taken in at the waist, basically I should have ordered a 0;)- FLATSSUNGLASSESBANGLES