All Natural Cleaning Products from Shaklee

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If you know me, you I truly enjoy cleaning my house and doing the best I can to keep it tidy. I use a variety of products and recently decided to try and incorporate more products that are completely SAFE for my family. This is where SHAKLEE comes in! I was blown away by their products and mission as a business. SHAKLEE was the FIRST cleaning company to come out with an entire line of clean, organic and natural home cleaning products in 1974! And all of their products are made here in the USA. They create and sell the best cleaning products for you, your family, your home and the planet! Nothing better.

SHAKLEE has amazing products at amazing prices for all cleaning purposes. They have the best all-purpose cleaning products, dish cleaning products, laundry detergent and more! They even sell great products to help clean up the water in your home. I love sticking to cleaning products that aren’t only safe to use, but that ACTUALLY clean. SHAKLEE has found the perfect balance. And, their products smell amazing. SO fresh and always leave my house smelling its best after a good clean.

My Top Shaklee Products

  • I’ve tried SO many cleansing wipes and have to say, SHAKLEE’S SUPER CLEANING WIPES take the cake. They smell amazing and clean the same. I even keep a tub in my car for easy wipe-downs.
  • SHAKLEE’S DISINFECTING WIPES are great for cleaning spaces that need a little extra love, like the bathroom! 
  • I was so excited to try SHAKLEE’S SCOUR OFF HEAVY-DUTY PASTE for tougher cleaning jobs. It did not disappoint. Great for using on ovens, sinks and tiles!
  • I got a bottle of this ORGANIC SUPER CLEANING CONCENTRATE and love it! One 16 oz. bottle can make up to 48 gallons of powerful cleaner! This stuff is great for all kinds of surfaces-indoor or outdoor! I got a few of these SPRAY BOTTLES as well to mix my concentrate in for easy cleaning.
  • Loved using this BASIC G-GERMICIDE to mop my floors! I mixed a little into my mop water and it worked wonders. I love how it disinfects, cleans & deodorizes.
  • I’m picky about a dish cleaner that actually cleans my dishes but is safe to use! I love SHAKLEE’S DISHWASHER CONCENTRATE for the job.
  • SHAKLEE’S LAUNDRY DETERGENT is one of the few detergents that doesn’t irritate my skin! I love the smell and feel of my family’s clothes after using it! Add in their SOFTENER and it’s a dream come true.
  • I only clean surfaces in my home with MICROFIBER CLOTHS. They’re hands down the best for cleaning every nook and cranny! 
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