Art Shows, DIY Shoes & the Countdown Begins

Avery loves art. She comes home daily with her hands covered in her doodles, spends time before bed drawing intricate pieces in journals and loves any chance she gets to create. She’s super good at it too. I mentioned a couple weeks ago her art was selected to be featured this weekend at the high school art festival. She said she didn’t care if we went or even if she saw it, but I cared! I literally had to drag her to see her work on display. She did such an incredible job! It’s the blood orange pictured. Her art was one of two from her middle school to be featured. That’s something to be proud of, great job Avery!

Avery makes up for my lack of artistic skills. Sometimes I like to pretend I am and create something fun with the kids. This time we opted for DIY shoes and decided to patch up our favorite Vans! It’s so simple.  To DIY shoes all you need to do is Google whatever patches you love, grab a pair of canvas sneakers, some E600 glue and painters tape. Add glue to the back of each patch using a toothpick and spread it out evenly, avoid getting too much around the edge. Place your patches where you want them and let sit for a few minutes. Next wrap your shoe with painters tape to keep the patches from lifting while they dry for 24 hours. That’s is. Super easy and fun to make!

DIY Vans

Guys..less that 9 weeks to go till we meet this baby girl. Patience is not my best quality. Either is being okay with all the extra weight and pressure a baby adds to my body. I’ll explain a little more in a couple weeks as to why my puffy face and body are really stressing me out right now. Hint: awesome opportunity, but a fitness shoot that isn’t optional for work…gah!

Lisa Allen Pregnant in J Brand Denim Jacket