Baby Essentials for the First Year

Baby products have evolved so much over the years! Even just since Goldie was born to Ozzy, it’s all so different. I had a hard time trying to navigate what I needed to get for Ozzy, the options were overwhelming. Having my job be to test products, I did just that. At one point I had 4 high end strollers at my doorstep. I received hundreds of products from brands to test out. Now you know I don’t love extra stuff, so over the last 9 months since Ozzy was born(see her BIRTH STORY)  I’ve compiled a list of my tried and true favorite baby essentials!

must have baby items for the first year: Jeff and Lisa Allen's daughter Ozzy Allen

baby essentials: must have baby items for the first year



I think the product I’ve been asked most about is the SNOO. First off all the design is unreal! It’s perfect for the modern minimalist. Watch this video on why this baby bassinet is a total game changer. They refer to it as your own personal night nurse. I have friends who bought the SNOO after my initial review and swear it’s been a total life saver.

Here’s my honest to goodness opinion: it’s expensive for a product they grow out of in year one. If you are on a budget, obviously you don’t need it and your baby will survive. If you have some extra money to spend, it’s a great product. Ozzy didn’t love being swaddled so she didn’t last very long in the SNOO, but we still used it as a traditional bassinet in our room. It’s beautiful. You can read my post on SLEEP TRAINING, HERE


We have the NUNU ZAAZ. I love how simple this design is. No more bulky high chairs! This seat adjusts to any table height and has a no-crevice design which I really love! Super was to clean.


Also from Nuna due to it’s 5 out of 5 star rating, I ordered this travel crib! The set up is so simple. It’s a great crib! I also have this Baby Bjorn crib from a couple of years ago. It’s super compact and has been great when family or friends bring their baby over to stay with us.


Oh my gosh, I swear the swing I had with Goldie was larger than a kitchen table. I love how compact this MAMAROO is. Plus, it bounces and it sways. Ozzy uses this swing everyday. She loves the motion and the built in sound machine. You can adjust setting from an app on your phone.


The MIMA is the Bentley of strollers. This Dutch brand made it’s way to the US a couple years ago and is blowing up! Have you EVER seen a cooler looking stroller? Jeff and I chose the brown leather with black base for Ozzy. I use this stroller the most. It stays in my car and unfolds easily. The only downside is the lack of storage.

My MIMA complements another stroller we have from Rachel Zoe, the Quinny stroller with leather trim. It unfolds automatically, has a front swivel wheel and carrying basket underneath. ps..I’m a firm believer in having 2-3 strollers. One for my car. One for Jeff’s and then a jogger or all terrain I store in the garage. pps..don’t ever take your nice strollers to places like Disneyland or anywhere you have to park it and walk away. I know too many friends who have had them stolen.


If you’re going to get the stroller above, you should probably get the matching Rachel Zoe baby carrier by Maxi-Cosi! We just transitioned Ozzy into a bigger MAXI-COSI car seat and I LOVE it!


Ozzy is loving her JOOVY WALKER. It’s so cute to see her scoot around the house. She started using this at 7 months.


The SKIP + HOP PLAY SAUCER is the least obnoxious of all the saucers I found. Great for 4 months and older. baby essentials for the first year: A list of must have baby items for the first year

NURSERY – see our Nursery HERE


We teamed up with Pottery Barn for a few pieces for the nursery. I love our WHITE CRIB.


We ended up not getting a changing table because Ozzy and Goldie  share a room and we needed more drawer space over a changing table top. We did get this SIX DRAWER DRESSER for them to share. It perfect to grow with them longterm.


My friends all swore by this DOCKATOT so naturally I had to try it. I have now referred to it as the 8th wonder of the world and is literally the ONE thing we use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I can’t explain it, you have to experience for yourself.


I did a lot of research on mattress brands for cribs. It was important to me that the mattress be safe, breathable, easy to clean and have great reviews! The WOVENAIRE met all my requirements.


I love the CRIB SHEETS from Spearmint Baby



Whether you nurse or bottle feed, having a pillow prop is always nice on your body. It helps prevent my left side (side I hold my babies on) from getting tight.


Want to know what bottles I’ve always used and loved more than any expensive bottle out there..these GERBER bottles.


The Beaba food processor. All my friends raved about this magic device. You can literally cook your babies food in under 15 minutes knowing all the ingredients are safe with no additives.  Be sure and get these portion containers and spoons to go with your Babycook!


This is the only DRYING RACK I don’t mind on my counter.



This BABY TUB is great for the first 6 months until your baby can sit up in the tub. My back is always so weak the first 4 month’s after I deliver, so bending over to bathe a baby in the bath tub doesn’t work for me. This tub was so easy to use!


The smell of Noodle and Boo products make me very happy. I used them with Goldie and she smelled so clean and nice all day long. They make great gifts!


There is something about a baby wrapped in a hooded towel, right? We love these TOWELS


Products safe enough to drink, for real! Their DIAPERS are lined with a barrier cream to prevent diaper rash. I love this line!


By NOSEFRIDA, genius!



If you live in Southern California and have a baby, you probably own a Solly wrap. I love the owner Elle and her line.


ERGOBABY makes GREAT carriers than not only fit moms, but dads as well. The 360 can be worn forward or outward and even on your hip or back!


Can you believe I’ve never used Aden and Anais SWADDLES? They weren’t around when I had my last baby. The SILKY SOFT BIBS & BLANKETS are so incredibly soft!


I’ve used different bags with Ozzy. I have the LV Neverfull in the largest size and my go-to for anything in life is my MZ Wallace METRO BAG.  We have so many of these and use them for everything from baby to travel and beach. . We have so many of these and use them for everything from baby to travel and beach. My only actual diaper bag is my FAWN DESIGN. Having the backpack is incredible.


Ozzy loves her WUBBANUB. They are so ugly and I swore I’d never own one…we own 5:)


You know I love GOOSEBUMPS. When I look through pictures of Ozzy, 80% of the time she has Goosebumps on