Best Amazon Beauty Dupes

When I talk to people about investing in great skincare & beauty products, the number one factor that is holding them back is the price! We all know it, beauty products are expensive. And they can be a gamble to purchase! If you’ve never used or tried a product before, it can be so hard to drop some major money in hopes you’ll love it. I totally get that! 

Best Beauty Product Amazon Dupes

Below are 41 of the BEST Amazon Beauty Product Dupes! I’ll be honest, I invest serious money in my skincare and get nervous about trying ‘dupes’ to some of my favorite skincare products. 

From skin care, to makeup & hair products, these dupes are recommended by some of the best in the industry! At an amazing fraction of the cost, these products are the most comparable and  give amazing results. Most of the time, beauty products and skin care can be so expensive because you’re paying for the name. Although the name brand products are GREAT investments, check out these 41 Amazon dupes. Best part, Amazon has a great return policy! Try them and if you don’t love as much or more than the original product, it’s an easy return! 

the best amazon beauty product dupes

Best Beauty Product Amazon Dupes by Salty Lashes

Best Beauty Product Amazon Dupes by Lisa Allen

Best Beauty Product Amazon Dupes on salty lashes

I am amazed at all these dupes & the raving reviews on them!

These products won’t break the bank either, which is a huge bonus. There are some dupes I have used myself and have LOVED, and other dupes that I am really looking forward to trying myself.

 So many amazing products at insane prices! With a majority of dupes over 75% of the original cost, you can get a great deal AND a great product! I hope you find this list helpful. As much I truly believe you get what you pay for, I think many beauty products are often made in the same lab and they just slap different labels on them depending on brand and their price point. It’s definitely worth trying and testing, especially when budget is a factor or you’re not sure what products are worth investing in. 


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lisa allen of salty lashes wearing a dress from urban outfitters