Q&A with Lauryn Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential

Let me start by saying if you already read The Skinny Confidential then you’re so stoked to see today’s post, a Q&A with my friend Lauryn Bosstick! If you are unfamiliar with this insanely smart, business savvy beauty then get ready to fall in love with Lauryn.

To meet someone in this industry who is exactly herself on and off camera is one of the most refreshing qualities about Lauryn. I have so much respect for the community she’s created with TSC readers. She’s not afraid to discuss taboo topics from fillers to breast implants, anxiety to suicide..Lauryn covers it all. No fluff. I admire her so much for it.

Easily one of my all time favorite humans..meet Lauryn Bosstick creator of The Skinny Confidential!

the skinny confidential q&a


Tell Us A Little About The Skinny Confidential:

The Skinny Confidential is a blog, a brand, a podcast, and it’s your cheeky resource to all things beauty, wellness and skin. I launched it when I was totally broke in college, teaching Pure Barre and living at my godparents’. I saw a space in the market for something that connected women everywhere online. An online community. It wasn’t just about me, it was about learning tips and tricks from other people too. The name of my blog and brand has nothing to do with being skinny- it’s all about getting ‘the skinny’. Since starting the blog, TSC has grown into a book, fitness guide & meal plan, podcast and YouTube channel.


How Has TSC evolved over the past few years?

I’m all about a niche. TSC started as a health and fitness blog, but I knew I’d grow it outward. I wanted to be methodical about it and take my time. It slowly grew into other things. Now it’s turned into more of lifestyle brand where we talk a lot about business. However, you can still expect a lot about skin, beauty, and wellness. About 2 years ago I again saw a space in the market where the audience was wanting more than just a curated pictured and my latest makeup find. We decided to launch a podcast where we could really provide value in an intimate way.


You recently added a podcast to your list of talents, what’s the most challenging part of podcasting? Who’s been your favorite to interview and why?

The most challenging part is definitely asking the right questions. It’s all about creating an environment where the questions are structured in a way that really allow the guest to open up. Our number 1 priority is the audience, so it’s really important the questions are tailored so the guest opens up. We never like to ask yes or no questions. We always want to evoke an explanation so that our audience always takes away some value.

You’re one of my favorite guests! You opened up in a way that the audience really appreciated, you showcased your struggle and told your story really well. Other favorites are Dr. Dennis Gross, Barbara Strumm, Dr. Jason Diamond, Gary Vee, Kristin Cavallari, YOU ( Lisa Allen ), and Ingrid De La Mare Kenny. All these guests came on and led with their story instead of selling a product. They all really told their story in a way that was relatable and showcased their struggle, while also providing a ton of value.


I love the dynamic between you and your husband Michael! Listening to the two of you banter is something I truly enjoy. Despite the playful banter, it’s obvious you both respect each other. What’s the one thing you do that drives Michael crazy?

Hold on, let me pull out my scroll. Seriously though, do you have 2 hours? It’s a long list. I do so many things that drive him bananas. He really hates it that I don’t like to talk in the morning. It drives him crazy because he’s a real Chatty Cathy in the morning. I can also be incredibly disorganized; I leave everything to the last minute. Sometimes I can think more like a creative instead of an analytical business woman. But at the end of the day we really don’t take ourselves too seriously. We laugh a lot and snap back really quick after an argument.

Q&A with Lauryn Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential


Top 3 favorite beauty products:

+ Dr. Dennis Peel Pads – These are so good, even Michael uses them now. They’re these exfoliation pads that are gentle enough for everyday use. It’s a 2-step chemical process, but GENTLE. They reveal radiant, smooth skin and rev up collagen production.

+ Clarisonic Facial Massager – I’m a huge fan of facial massage and this Clarisonic is ideal. It’s an investment but so worth it. I use it almost every day. It really stimulates the lymph system to help debloat the face.

+ Replenix Caffeinated Sunscreen – I’m like your annoying mother when it comes to SPF. I’m all about it. This caffeinated sunscreen is the perfect primer for makeup. I apply it with a BeautyBlender and the caffeine helps tighten the skin.


Honestly, I love how much energy you invest in your health. I think you’ve single handedly created a cult following for GG Crackers. You also have 20 somethings all over the world asking for sides of lemons with all their meals.:) What are your biggest tips for going out to dinner and staying and eating healthy?

I tend to micromanage the bartender. My favorite drink right now is Blanco tequila, Cointreau, lemon, lime, grapefruit, half rim of salt, over ice with no added sugar. When drinking I think it’s really important to have a glass of water between every drink.

I really balance my diet like a cheque book. When it comes to food I modify to make meals healthier or lower in carbs. I’ll get a protein style burger where it’s wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun, I make my own dressings for salads by asking for lemon & olive oil on the side. If I order pasta, I’ll aim to only eat half.


Speaking of your influence. You inspired me over a year ago to check out Gary Vee, thank you for that. Recently when reading his latest book Crushing It, I came across your story.. IN HIS BOOK! I know how excited I got for you seeing your name and reading more of your journey. What was it like for you?

This was such an exciting moment for me. Exciting is an understatement actually. It was so special because back in 2010 my dad gifted me Crush It! by Gary Vee and I highlighted and dog-eared the sh*t out of it. A year later I launched TSC and now 8 years later I am featured in his book! I mean, I’m still freaking out about it. His take on business strategies really helped me develop TSC. He’s one of my favorites.

lisa allen of salty lashes sharing a q&a with lauryn evarts from the skinny confidential


Favorite vacation spot:

St. Tropez or Cabo. I love the vibe and energy of St. Tropez. It’s very chic but also retirement home vibes which I love. There’s always a fresh basket of bread and a glass of rosé.

Cabo is also a really special place for me. We got married there and I always say it’s like there’s Xanax in the air. It’s one of the only places in the world I feel completely disconnected and relaxed.


You and I get to see each other every few weeks at BodyRok with the greatest instructor, Kim Kelly. I know you workout with Kim outside of pilates and truthfully I think you look better than ever! Tell us about the body guide you two are working on.

The new body guide will be launching in early 2019. It’s literally like a bible for quick workouts and meals. We designed it for the girl who is always on the go but also cares about staying healthy. Time is something everyone needs more of, so the workouts are a quick, but effective 28 minutes. In a week you can work out every part of your body and still have time prepare healthy meals ahead of time.


Favorite junk food:

Chips, salsa, guac and a margarita. Ideally in a hoodie, at a bar, by myself, so I can really stuff my face.


What’s the last item you bought?

A portable charger. I work from my phone so it’s essential to have power. I found this one that’s small, powerful and efficient. It’s plain so you can decorate it with stickers and it plugs right into the wall to recharge. I bought 3 of them, so that says it all.


Michael held Ozzy a few months ago and I’ve seen how much you both love your nephew…so kids in the future?  

We love Ozzy! She is so beautiful. We both like kids but I’m not romantic about it. It’s not on the very top of my list. Right now is the time to put my head down and hustle. Yes I’m excited to have kids one day, but I’m also very patient and not rushed about it. Kids are a big commitment and I want to really be able to lay the foundation of my business before I start having kids. I skipped out on Home-Ec, so I might need some help when the time comes, you guys.


Tell us what’s next for The Skinny Confidential:

More in-person meetups, live podcasts, some product, and tons more content with valuable takeaways for our audience to apply to their own lives.

At the end of the day I think it’s really important for people to come to my page and have some kind of takeaway. I’m on a rampage about value at the moment. I want everyone who comes to the blog or listen to the podcast to come away with something that makes their life better.

There are so many Instagram accounts and blogs that make people feel bad about themselves. I want every single one of my platforms to empower people and help make them the best version of themselves.  

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Lisa Allen is sharing a Q&A with Lauryn Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential

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