Classroom Valentine Ideas for Kids

I was so impressed with the selection of Valentine’s cards I was able to find on Amazon this year! They are all so cute and will surely be a hit in your kid’s classroom. I love that these cards are entertaining enough on their own, but can also be paired with a sweet treat.

Classroom Valentine Ideas For Kids

  • These SQUISHY TOY VALENTINES couldn’t get any cuter! There are 7 different designs that your child will love.
  • I think these SUCCULENT BUILDING BLOCKS are so fun! They are sure to keep kids entertained longer than the classic valentine. 
  • Teens and little kids will love these HEART SLIME TOY Valentione’s cards.
  •  I love that these TIC TAC TOE FAVORS are felt and come in their own little envelope. 
  • This FARM ANIMAL TOYS set has the cutest punchlines paired with each animal. 
  • These STRESS BALL HEARTS are a great slime alternative if slime isn’t your thing. 
  •  I love how customizable these HAPPY VALENTINES DAY “JARS” are. You chose what your filling is.
  • These FIDGET POP BRACELETS are adorable and something I know Ozzy and her friends would go crazy for. 
  • I couldn’t be a bigger fan of these FAST FOOD BUILDING BLOCKS. I’m obsessed with the tiny cola and chicken nuggets!
  • I am so impressed by this ROBOT FIDGET SPINNER set. There are so many different ways to play with one toy!
  • I haven’t seen these MINI FOAM FINGER cards until this year. All ages will think they are great!
  • I love these FINGER SKATEBOARDS. They are perfect because the card itself turns into a ramp!  
  • I love the idea of these CRAZY STRAWS on their own or paired with your child’s favorite drink!