Getting Dressed for Prom with Nordstrom

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When Nordstrom reached out to partner for a post on prom, I couldn’t believe it was already time for teens to think about what to wear to the biggest dance of the year! This year has flown by and even though I won’t let Avery date until she’s 16, she was more than willing to try on prom dresses for Nordstrom;). The rest of this post is written by Avery. I think she did a great job!


When we first started our search on for a dress, we had countless options but ended up choosing this PINK FLOWING DRESS with a stunning sequined top. Since the time I was little, I’ve danced around in princess gowns like Aurora, so this caught my attention.

Where we live, Prom attire is typically long dresses in just about any color you can imagine. Also, heels for pictures that are later swapped for casual shoes made for dancing. Some colors that I’m loving for this prom season are; NAVY BLUE like this gorgeous dress. BABY BLUE as seen in this wow worthy gown. And of course, the jaw dropping LIGHT PINK in the dress I chose.

As for shoes, a pair of simple heels in a nude or black color are ideal. No need to splurge! Since you’ll be taking them off once the pictures are taken and the real party has begun! In true California fashion, you could wear CONVERSE or VANS to match your date, and then you’re set for a night out on the dance floor that you’ll never forget. Matching Converse, Vans, or Nikes with your date is always a fun way to coordinate without being too serious or leaving the party with blisters and sore feet from getting low in high heels.

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The Best Prom Dresses From Nordstrom