Gift Guide For Teens 2019

Shopping for my Poppy & Avery is so fun. They’re at such a fun age for gifting clothes, shoes, electronics, decor, beauty & more! They have such fun styles right now & there are so many great gift options out there. Here are several ideas we agreed would be great gifts for teens and most are under $100! 

Gift Guide for Teens

Gift Guide for Teens 2019

  1. My girls’ favorite backpack is this FJALLRAVEN BACKPACK! They are simple, durable & go with any outfit. My girls love how much the backpack holds.
  2. Love this SEREFINA LISSIE STRETCH BRACELET. I’m going to get one for both Poppy & Avery for their stockings.
  3. This GOLD VANITY ORGANIZER from Anthro is so simple & beautiful! I love how small & compact it is for countertops.
  4. Avery & Poppy have been using this HONEST CLEANSER for awhile now. It’s only $11 on Amazon.
  5. I try to replace mine & my girl’s BEAUTY BLENDERS every few months. This 2-pack is a great deal!
  6. Love these GOLD INITIAL NECKLACES so much. So cute!
  7. How cute are these BIRKENSTOCKS with the sherpa?! I love the muted pink shade.
  8. These KNOTTED HEADBANDS from Anthro are so cute & a great stocking stuffer! They come in some great colors & patterns.
  9. So love this $20 MAKEUP BRUSH SET. It comes with some great essential brushes for teens! Ps, I like them too! 
  10.  These GLAMGLOW FACE MASKS are great stocking stuffers for teens! My girls love doing weekly face masks & these ones are the best!
  11. I’m getting my girls this MZ WALLACE COSMETIC BAG for their makeup and traveling.
  12. These PATAGONIA DUFFLES are the best travel bags! They’re so easy to pack & hold so much.
  13. I love getting my girls a new JOURNAL each Christmas! Anthropologie has some great options.
  14. This is the cutest RECORD PLAYER! My girls love this. You could also gift some fun records along with it.
  15. Poppy & Avery love bath bombs so I’m definitely getting this 12 BATH BOMB SET from Amazon! So fun.

More From The List

  1.  My girls use their CLARISONIC CLEANSER daily! It is so great for keeping teens skin clear & healthy. Only $99!
  2. POLAROIDS are always great gifts! My kids use theirs all the time.
  3. I’ve shared this PORTABLE CHARGER before. To sum up, it’s my family’s favorite!
  4. I love my 3-BARREL CRIMPER & so do my girls! It’s only $30 & great for any teen or lady in your life.
  5. These COMMES DE GARCONS CONVERSE are the best for teens. So cute!
  6. This SEEING STARS BOOK is great for any teen! I love that each book is different depending on your zodiac sign. My girls would love this.
  7.  Love these MAYBERRY SLIPPERS! These would pair so well with your teens’ Christmas PJ’s.
  8. These FLEECE BLANKETS are so cozy & great for any teen’s room.
  9. So love this VERA SADDLE BAG from Urban. Perfect for all the essentials for teens.
  10. How cute are these MOXIE ROLLER SKATES?! Such a fun gift for teens. Ps, if you watch my “funny” highlight on IG (@lisa_allen) then you can watch me fall real hard wearing them! 
  11. This MINI AIR HOCKEY TABLE is great for either boys or girls!
  12. Such a cute FLEECE PUFFER from Abercrombie! It comes in some other great colors as well!
  13. My girls LOVE these LEVI’S! They have the cutest fit & go with anything.
  14. Avery & Poppy have these DR MARTENS and wear them weekly!