The Health Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

If you watch my Instagram story, you may remember back in September when I was in Phoenix at Harris Dental talking to Dr. Brian about recession along my gum line. I had no idea so many of you also deal with gum recession. Some have tried gum grafting(ouch!) and some are just unsure what their options are.

Let me back up a bit and give you some history. I’ve known Dr. Brian as well as Dr. Joe and Dr. Scott for 20 years. I was married to one of the Harris brothers (Avery, Poppy and Goldie’s dad, who’s also a dentist). So, I’m familiar with the cosmetic side of dentistry. Dr. Brian and Dr. Scott as well as their wives are still some of my very best friends. That may seem odd to some since I am divorced from their brother, but to us it’s not. Not only have they been such incredible support to me throughout the years, they are also the aunts and uncles of Avery, Poppy and Goldie.

Patients travel from all over the country to see Dr. Brian! He’s well known as an award winning cosmetic dentist. If you look at his Instagram, you’ll instantly be drawn to his attention to detail and wide array of patients that travel near and far to have their smiles improved by Brian. Something super cool Brian offers is a FREE VIRTUAL CONSULT. You upload your photo, outline your concerns and then Brian sends you a video showing what your smile could look like, so cool!

Over the last 3-4 years I’ve asked Brian what he thinks I should do about my mouth beginning to narrow. I’ve also had recession along my gum line for several years now and thought my only options were to use the softest bristle toothbrush and eventually have my gums grafted. If you have recession you know how painful it can be! Cold/hot, Crest white strips, etc can cause so much sensitivity in those areas where the root is exposed.

Like I said, I was familiar with cosmetic dentistry, however the industry is ever changing and vastly improving.  Brian mentioned veneers to me and my response was ” why? I like my teeth.” In my mind, veneers were for people who dislike their smile so much they are willing to grind down their own teeth and go through a highly invasive procedure that requires lots of numbing (shots) and healing time. Brian then explained I wouldn’t have to go through any of that!  He recommended NO prep veneers and explained the biggest benefit for me would be to cover the exposed root (recession) and build out my smile to take care of the concern I had with my mouth beginning to narrow.

So that’s what I did! No shots. No grinding my teeth down. My real teeth are still there. Pretty incredible  actually! The best part, I did this back in October (as you can see in the video we shot, I still have baby weight in my face;) and I’ve had ZERO sensitivity in my mouth, like NONE! What I did is not for everyone, I get that. I just want to share an alternative that I wasn’t aware of until I talked to Dr. Brian.

Here’s the video we shot in October with Conway Captions

Harris Dental – Lisa Allen from Conway Captions on Vimeo.

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