It’s a GIRL!!

Lisa Allen pregnant in Free People. Reveals baby's sex, it's a girl!

Lisa Allen reveals her baby's sex, it's a girl! Wearing free people black dress.

Hey everyone! Yep, another GIRL..haha! I’m halfway now and even though we found out the gender at 12 weeks through a DNA test we wanted to wait to announce. It’s no secret from watching our announcement video that we were all hopeful to have a boy. When the doctor called to tell Jeff and I the gender and said “it’s another girl” we literally could not even make eye contact. Haha! It took a week or so for me to fully digest the news that it’s a girl and for us to tell the girls. Everyone is really excited, the girls have a million names they want us to use and get just as excited as I do every time a company sends products and gear to test out. She will be so loved! She gets three older sisters to learn from and look up to. So guys..four girls, FOUR! Eek!

Quotes from the kids on baby girl Allen:

Avery- ” I don’t know. I’m happy it’s a girl, it’ll be fun. But to be honest, I don’t really care. I’m happy either way. I just want to know the name.”

Poppy- ” I’m happy. I’m really happy to have another little sister. I want to dress her up”

Goldie- ” I can’t wait!! I just want to be a big sister. I just want a younger sister to play with that won’t take advantage of me.”

Have a great Thanksgiving week everyone!