Kiehl’s Skincare Products for Summer

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Since 1851, Kiehl’s has had a single goal, to deliver high-quality skincare products to their customers! Their results have been impressive and their products are well made & effective. As a daughter of a Dermatologist & being an aesthetician myself, you know skincare is one of my biggest indulgences. I’m always searching and testing products to find the absolute best for my skin. Kiehl’s is an all around great skin care brand! Most of Kiehl’s skincare products are created for all skin types, making it easy for everyone & anyone to use!

I’m here to share some of my top favorite Kiehl’s skincare products from Nordstrom that I just love and highly recommend. 


lisa allen of salty lashes in a rachel parcel dress sharing her favorite kiehl's products

This CALENDULA DEEP-CLEANSING FOAM FACE-WASH is best for normal-oily skin. It is so gentle and so light. It doesn’t leave behind a residue or film and is so refreshing. I love using this at night before bed to remove makeup, oils and dirt from my skin & in the morning to give my skin a clean slate before applying my makeup. Avery and Poppy have been also really liking this one! 

I have always loved Keihl’s ULTRA FACIAL CREAM. This is actually one of Kiehl’s most popular products. I know so many people who love and use it as often as I do. It contains such simple and clean ingredients. It’s lightweight formula is extremely hydrating and great for all skin types! I really notice a difference in my skin when I use this facial cream; it provides constant moisture. You can also mix in a little of this ULTRA FACIAL MOISTURIZER SPF 30 for a little sun protection and extra hydration!

This CREME DE CORPS is another huge fan favorite of Kiehl’s! I am not kidding when I say this is one of the most creamy, moisturizing body butters I have ever used. The consistency, fragrence and texture is amazing. It is a little pricy, but extremely worth it inmy opinion. It will last you forever and you wont regret it! You can also purchase this WHIPPED CREAM DE CORPS which is very similar! It comes in a different fragrence and is a bit of a lighter consistency.

Kiehl’s MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CONCENTRATE is an awesome facial serums. This replenishing elixer is so restorative. I’ll put a few drops on my finger and rub it under my eyes and around areas where I have fine lines on my face. It is a great repairing serum to use nightly before bed!

If you know me, you know how much I love awesome lip products. My friend says Kiehl’s makes some awesome lip treatments that she has loved for years! This BUTTERMASK LIP SMOOTHING TREATMENT is what she loves! If you’re looking for a lip product with a bit more of a tint, the BUTTERSTICK LIP TREATMENT SPF 30 comes in 5 beautiful shades and provides hydration and protection from the sun! Perfect for summer. Always use an SPF on your lips when you will be outside! 

Another amazing serum by Kiehl’s is this POWERFUL-STRENGTH LINE-REDUCING SERUM! Filled to the brim with vitamin C, this serum helps reduce lines and prevent wrinkles! Over time, I have noticed an dramatic difference in my skin using vitamin C. It smells amazing and mixes in perfect with the ULTRA FACIAL CREAM or ULTRA FACIAL MOISTURIZER.

Kiehl’s has been around for 170 years….crazy! They’ve mastered their formulas and have created products that have revolutionized the skin care industry! I love recommending Kiehl’s products to all ages and all skin types! It has my stamp of approval. What’s your favorite Kiehl’s product?

Kiehl’s foaming cleanser Lisa Allen is sharing some Kiehl’s skincare products for summer kiehl's SPF Kiehl’s skincare products for summer Lisa Allen is sharing some Kiehl’s skincare products for summer

Kiehl’s Skincare Products