Kitchen Organization & Appliances With Walmart

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I’m A huge fan of creating a functional, organized space in places where you spend a lot of your time. My girls and I love being in the kitchen together. Trying new recipes, sharing family meals and creating memories around those countertops and at the dinner table! Walmart has some incredible lines of kitchen appliances and organizational products to help you optimize the use and function of your kitchen!

Kitchen Organization & Appliances With Walmart

Over the years, I feel like I’ve really narrowed down the best way to organize my kitchen, especially my fridge, pantry and cupboards. Here are some of my best tips:

Kitchen Organization Tips

  • Start with a deep clean! It’s hard to feel organized when your drawers, cabinets or fridges are dirty. Vacuum up any crumbs and wipe down your surfaces for a fresh, clean slate before you organize.
  • Declutter! I can be notorious for saving products or appliances that are expired or don’t serve me anymore. Less is more! The fewer things you have to store, the easier it will all be to maintain.
  • Invest in great organizational products! I linked some of my favorites from Walmart down below. I love clear bins for organizing my pantry and fridge! Everything has its place. Plus, that makes it easy for kids to find what they need and put things away. I keep snacks in reach of the kids for them to quickly find and grab what they want!
Kitchen Organization & Appliances With Walmart

Kitchen Organization & Appliances

  1. I’m so impressed with the amazing appliances and organizational bins that Walmart has online! The quality & prices are amazing and guarantee a fresh start for your kitchen space.
  2. This HOME EDIT 11 PIECE STORAGE SYSTEM comes with 11 incredible organization pieces. I love how these work perfectly for your fridge, pantry or cupboards. Such a must-have for a simple, functional kitchen.
  3. Love the design of this 2 SLICE TOASTER! It’s slim, easy to store or pretty enough for leaving on your counter.
  4. I love these TURNTABLE STORAGE SYSTEMS for the kitchen! Great for organizing spices, sauces & dressings or cans.
  5. This 10-PIECE COOKWARE SET is so gorgeous and comes in 4 color options! I love the gold trimming. 
  6. Obsessed with this 8 QUART SLOW COOKER! Perfect for making meals for the family and a gorgeous style. 
  7. This 10-PIECE TOOL AND GADGET SET comes with some awesome kitchen tools that pair perfectly with the linked appliances! Love the color choices.
  8. These LARGE BINS are a great, versatile size! Love them for larger pantry items or even for under your sink to store cleaning supplies.
  9. I use an AIRFRYER almost daily and love the look and function of this one! 
  10. Keeping these HOME EDIT 3-TIER RISERS in my cupboards and pantry has been so helpful to organize spices and bottles. Love that I can see everything all at once.
  11. This BLENDER is so sleek & pretty! 7 different functions and a must-have for summer drinks and smoothies.
  12. Love the size and front opening on these HOME EDIT CLEAR STACKING BINS. Perfect for snacks, bags and baking supplies.
  13. The design of this HAND MIXER is so simple and modern. Perfect for baking and blending! 
  14. This MIXING BOWL & COLANDER SET is under $30! Love the bowl colors for this time of year.
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