Last Minute Gifts by the 24th!

I’ll say it again….how is it almost Christmas?! I think being here in Hawaii the last couple of weeks makes it seem even less like Christmas. We’ve also noticed the North Shore doesn’t really get into the holiday. I asked a lady at the hotel and she said locals don’t really care to decorate their homes or put up lights, but many do have a Christmas tree indoors. Kinda cool that they do things their own way. Downtown Waikiki however was more decked out in traditional Christmas decor. It’s fun to see how both sides of the island celebrate.

I am a procrastinator when it comes to buying gifts. I always think I’ll find something better. So I wait until the last minute to order gifts. I think it helps knowing many online retailers offer express shipping through the 21st.

If you’re stressing on last minute gifts (or just want to buy yourself a few things;), I’m here to help!

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Last minute Gifts Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes wearing Knot Sisters with CofH denim, Matisse booties and Chloe glasses