Our Family Room Tour with Room & Board

We knew we wanted a minimal look in here when it came to furniture and were stoked to team up with Room & Board for our couch and chairs. I did my research on furniture, review after review all led me back to Room & Board for timeless, quality pieces! We knew we wanted a couch we could all sit on and fell in love with the Wells Couch! We chose the Callan Chairs based on the low profile and quality of leather. They are both so incredible!

As you know, I don’t like stuff aka knick-knacks, clutter and I love bare walls. As you can see here, the walls are bare.

Our Family Room Tour with Room & Board

One of the top priorities for me in this home is to maximize the space as much as possible for a family with two teenagers (plus friends).

So we figured seating for 8 plus room on the floor would work. The family room isn’t very big at 13’x25′ especially with a fireplace, window, and french doors on two of three walls. We decided to put the TV above the fireplace and close up a window on the same wall.

I also replaced the french doors and two side-lights which swung into the room for a oversized single door with a sidelight that swings out to the backyard. The wall cabinets were initially going to be floor to ceiling large door cabinets, but then I started drawing floating cabinets. I then used the horizontal screen design on the lower cabinets to practice for other screen designs I have planned for our lounge and front yard. Lisa complains that there’s not a ton of storage in the house (but she doesn’t like stuff anyways so these cabinets are all virtually empty) and these cabinets add A LOT of storage possibilities for the next occupants especially.

The door, lower cabinets/counter-tops, and baseboards are all made from quarter-sawn walnut (which is probably my all-around favorite wood/wood cut). The door has fully-mortised locks and Soss #218 invisible hinges. The handle and counter-tops have brass inlay detail, and the lower cabinet doors have black glass behind the wood(one of my favorite details). The glossy black in the doors adds a bit of fun and sophistication. The upper cabinets are fully-figured quarter-sawn white oak and operate with a push magnetic clasp.

I wanted to create a family room worthy of the Room & Board furniture and level of finish.

The walnut chairs especially demand a high level of wood finish in order for them to look like they belong. The door, cabinets, counter-tops, and baseboards were all finished with a specific oil finishing process. Let me know what questions you have.


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Thank you for partnering with us Room & Board!