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Accessories: Jewelry, Handbags & Eyewear

Let's talk accessories! I have more jewelry than I do clothing, it's true. Since I was a little girl I started collecting rings and charms. The first piece I have memory of is a gold charm with my name written in hebrew. My parents brought it back from Jerusalem when I was about 5 years old. I still have every sentimental piece ever given to me. You know I like…

lisa allen of salty lashes wearing a topshop organza top with lagence stripe pants

Nordstrom New Arrivals for Fall

Sponsored by Nordstrom & ShopStyle  I absolutely LOVE fall! Cozy knits, denim and layers are a favorite of mine! Nordstrom always has the best variety of fashion. I love how they are on top of the latest trends & provide the ultimate customer service. I’ve been eyeing the ‘New Arrivals’ page on Nordstrom for the past week & am excited to share some of my favorite pieces for the upcoming…

Lisa Allen of salty lashes sharing Aninie Bing for fall 2019

Easy Ways to Update Your Home Decor

Something you may not know about me is my lack of commitment when it comes to home decor. I can shop all day for clothes, shoes and accessories but when it comes to our home I either stress about making a large purchase due to commitment issues or I buy more affordable items I won't mind donating after I'm over it. To be honest I am "over it" quick because…

lisa allen of salty lashes sharing home decor from urban outfitters and cb2

What To Wear To The Beach

Beach attire is one of my favorite styles to shop for. I love seeing all the new summer trends each year & investing in swimsuits, clothing, sandals & accessories that will last us all year long! My family & I live close to the beach, so beachwear is something we wear daily during the summer. One thing I don't think people always realize about the beach is you can literally…

lisa allen of salty lashes sharing what to wear to the beach
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Summer Activities for Kids with Under Armour

Thanks for partnering on this post Under Armour & ShopStyle  Summer is in full swing! My kids have been going non-stop since we finished school less than a month ago. Avery & Poppy are busy with sports camps & church camps. Goldie just finished the Jr. Lifeguard program which she absolutely loved! She is the one in our family who has to be doing something active all day long. From…

Lisa Allen and Goldie of Salty Lashes sharing activewear for kids from Under Armour