The Best Friend Gift Guide

I’ve had the same best friend for 20 years. TWENTY years. Rachael has been my constant through all  my adult ups and downs. There is truly no better friend, I’m certain!

When finding a gift for your best friend I use this criteria: is it a gift I would want to receive? If the answer is yes, there is a 99.9% chance your best friend will also love it! Today I’m sharing 20 gift ideas Rachael and I already have and love or would love to receive for the holidays.

The Best Friend Gift Guide

The Best Friend Gift Guide

1. WILD BLUEBELL PERFUME – we both love Jo Malone scents. They are to be worn alone or layered. I like Wild Bluebell layered with Nectarine Blossom and/or Blackberry Bay.

2. Is your BF known for losing their keys? I am and I love practical gifts as much as fun gifts. This TILE KEYCHAIN is essential for the forgetful. $50

3. Last year Rachael and I both bought each other sunglasses. She bought me some Gucci glasses and I bought her my favorite CHLOE glasses. This is the newest PAIR from CHLOE! Love!

4. This CROPPED FAUX FUR COAT is gorgeous. The brown color is so so good!

5. For the fitness friend who has it all, MODERN ANKLE/WRIST WEIGHTS! Under $50

6. Is your friend scared to age like we are? Give a ROSE ROLLER. Under $50

7. How cute is this YSL CARD HOLDER?! We love!

8. I have this DIAMOND BELT and am asked about it every time I wear it. BFF belts:)

9. Everyone needs a MZ Wallace METRO TOTE, EVERYONE!

10. Cozy SLIPPERS are always nice to get/give!

11. You need to see how pretty these HOOPS look on the model. Affordable and super pretty!

12. Chance are if you love to fitness, your BF does as well. This Nike COLOR COMBO is a favorite!

13. Rachael talked me into buying SILK PILLOWCASES a few months ago. I was hesitant because they are pricey! Oh my gosh, so happy I bought them! They prevent bed head and hair breakage.

14. This FENDI SCARF can be worn on your hair, on your wrist, as a belt, tied to your bag. It’s so so cute!

15. Zodiac COIN NECKLACES are really pretty alone or layered and affordable!

16. This YSL BRACELET SET is right up our alley! We love!

17. I sound like a broken record over this BLANKET, but really…it’s insanely soft and under $50!

18. For the friend who loves skincare, this PTR MASK SET is one of my personal favorites!

19. Plan a girls trip and pack everything you need in this PACKING CUBE SET! It’s a set of SEVEN bags, which is more than other brands. Affordable, durable, functional and something all your OCD friends, like Rachael and I would love!

20. Relive your childhood together with RETRO ROLLER SKATES! If you need a good laugh watch my “funny moments” on my Instagram highlights to see me fall, HARD!