The ShopDisney Halloween Sale

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No matter how different Halloween may look this year, our family is making it a goal to maintain some of our favorite Halloween traditions despite the current events. Ozzy & Goldie especially are so excited for Halloween and already busy planning their costumes. 

From 9/21-10/4, shopDisney is offering 30% off of costumes and accessories! This is an amazing deal and the best time to buy your kid’s favorite Disney costumes for Halloween or dress-up! They have the best variety of sizes, styles and characters as well as inclusive adaptive costumes including wheelchair covers! My girls scrolled on their website and obsessed over all of their favorite characters and the amazing costumes shopDisney has to offer this year!

Halloween with ShopDisney Sale 

  1. Goldie LOVED seeing how happy Ozzy was by dressing up in the PETER PAN COSTUME! We also got the PETER PAN ACCESSORY KIT to go with it and she had so much fun. 
  2. Ozzy was so thrilled to dress up as TINKER BELL and to be Goldie’s sidekick. You can also purchase the TINKERBELL WAND, WINGS or SHOES that match the costume perfect!
  3. This BO BEEP COSTUME is so adorable! Love the cane accessory! The shawl is another cute detail.
  4. I love this beautiful, classic CINDERELLA COSTUME! Such a pretty Halloween or dress up costume!
  5. This ELSA COSTUME is one of Ozzy’s favorite costume dresses- it’s so cute! Love the matching ELSA WIG and ELSA BOOTS you can buy for it too!
  6. My girls loved the new Mulan movie and this MULAN COSTUME is adorable. 
  7. This ARIEL COSTUME is so precious! Love the shimmery top and tiered skirt.
  8. Love the hot pink and shimmery fabric on this MINNIE MOUSE KIDS COSTUME! The little gloves that come with it are so cute!
  9. This MALEFICENT COSTUME is so cool! Such a cute costume to style and the horn details are so fun.
  10. Ozzy loves this RAPUNZEL COSTUME! So many fun colors and this RAPUNZEL WIG looks so good with it!
  11. I love the classic SNOW WHITE COSTUME! The high collar is the cutest detail. SUch a pretty Halloween costumes for kids!
  12. This ANNA FROZEN COSTUME is adorable! Like the Elsa costume, you can buy a matching ANNA WIG and ANNA BOOTS for it!
  13. This MOANA COSTUME is every little girls dream! Such a precious dress for Halloween or dress up. Love the halter top!
  14. Ozzy would die over this DOC MCSTUFFINS COSTUME! This is such a cute dress up costume that could double for Halloween!
  15. Love the idea of matching WOODY and JESSIE costumes for kids! 
The ShopDisney Halloween Sale kids halloween costume The ShopDisney Halloween Sale kids halloween costume The ShopDisney Halloween Sale