The Truth About 5 Common Myths

The Truth About 5 Common Myths

Myth 1: Eating Celery Burns More Calories Than You Take In

It’s a food myth that celery has “negative” calories. But, with less than 10 calories per serving, it’s great to munch on to lose weight. These are some of my favorite SNACK IDEAS.

Myth 2: You Can Repair Split Ends 

It’s a lie so believable that there’s a whole market of products that claim to do just that. You might be able to nourish and improve the appearance of damaged ends with a hair mask or serum, but reconstructing them? Nope. See my favorite HAIR PRODUCTS HERE 

Myth 3: Weight Lifting Turns Fat Into Muscle  

Truth: You can’t turn fat into muscle. Physiologically speaking, they’re two different tissues. Adipose (fatty) tissue is found under the skin, sandwiched between muscles, and around internal organs like the heart. Muscle tissue — which can be further broken down into three main types — is found throughout the body.

Weight training helps build up the muscle tissue in and around any fat tissue. The best way to reduce fat tissue is to eat a healthy diet that incorporates vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats like those found in olive oil and fish. Related posts: Fitness Q&AFAVORITE GEARFITNESS for KIDSHIIT RUNNINGARM WORKOUT 

Myth 4: Bleach Can Clean Anything

Bleach actually doesn’t ‘clean’ anything—because it doesn’t remove soil. It can lighten stains, making things look cleaner, and it kills bacteria, so it’s better as a sanitizer than as a cleaner. Related post: CHORES for KIDS 

Myth 5: You Should Choose Skincare Products Based On Your Age

Many products on the market claim to be designed for a specific age group (especially for those women over 50 who now are supposed to have “mature” skin), but age is NOT a skin type.

What’s true is that someone who is 50 can have the same skin concerns and skin type as someone in their 30s. Oily skin and clogged pores don’t just automatically go away when you turn 50 and dry, dull-looking skin can be a problem in your 20s.

Regardless of your age, fighting visible signs of aging should start as early as possible. The ingredients it takes to do that are the same for everyone, and you can’t start too soon. It’s like your diet, what’s healthy for someone in their 30s is healthy for someone in their 60s. Related posts: ANTI AGINGWINTER SKINCARE

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