Tips For Teens To Survive Quarantine

For those of you who have already begun your quarantine, whether you are two days in or two weeks, you know how difficult it can be to find ways to keep up a schedule and spend your time. And for those of you who haven’t started yet, chances are you will,  so I’m here to prepare you. I’ve compiled a list of ways to survive quarantine for all the other teenagers stuck at home with nothing to do.

Tips For Teens To Survive Quarantine


I know this one may seem hard when gyms are closed and sports are cancelled. But finding ways to stay active over the past few weeks has significantly changed not only our health but also our mood. Find fun new ways to exercise that you wouldn’t normally do like going on a run, taking an online yoga class, or finding an easy at home workout to do.


Pick Up A New Hobby

This has by far been the best decision for me since being locked in my house. Whether you decide to learn guitar like me, sew and bake like Poppy, or pick up on some ballet like Goldie, the world of ideas is endless. Chances are there is at least one thing that you have always wanted to try or to be good at but pushed it aside because you didn’t have time. So start now when you have all the time in the world. 


Find A New Show To Binge

Being stuck inside all day and night is the perfect excuse to invest in a new show. Stories and T.V. shows can help pass time and give you something fun to talk about with friends. If you need any help finding a new show to watch, check out our Netflix suggestions post. 


Invest In Your Skincare Routine

Even though you aren’t going out and seeing people during this time, it’s still just as important to keep your skin healthy and fresh. Use this opportunity to combat acne and other skin imperfections and find what products work best for you. For our suggestions on skincare, take a look at our teen skincare post. 


Set Goals For Yourself

Keep yourself on your toes and working hard over this time by setting goals to accomplish during your break from the outside world. Starting with small goals like waking up at a certain time on weekdays or cooking one healthy meal a day and working towards bigger goals such as learning a new instrument or studying for the ACT/SAT can keep you rom falling into constant lazy days with no routine. By setting goals in different aspects of your life, you can help improve mental and physical health while giving you something to look forward to.

Tips For Teens To Survive Quarantine Tips For Teens To Survive Quarantine Tips For Teens To Survive Quarantine Tips For Teens To Survive Quarantine