Updated Teen Skincare Routine

Teen skincare routines can be tricky to figure out. With their changing hormones and sensitive skin, it can take some trial & error to figure out what products and regimes work best for your teen! Avery & Poppy have gone through their fair share of dry skin, oily skin, and breakouts. So as an aesthetician myself, I love to help guide them in the direction of a skincare routine that works for them and their skin types!

With school, extracurricular activities and makeup products, it’s important for teens to keep their skin clean. In addition, taking care of it morning and night will play a huge role in their skins’ tendencies to breakout. In most cases, I don’t think teens need a crazy regime to follow or a large quantity of expensive products. So a few simple staples and a little consistency can go a long way!

Updated Teen Skincare Routine

Avery & Poppy have a few products they love and swear by. From cleansers to moisturizers, we’ve found the best products that work for my teens & their skin types!


  • I love anything by SkinCeuticals for mine or my girls’ skin. Best products! My girls both love this SIMPLY CLEAN CLEANSER. It’s just that. So simple & gets the job done perfectly!
  • I’ve shared this HONEST CLEANSER before- it’s great! Gentle, paraben-free & sulfate free.


  • My girls have used this MARIO BADESCU DRYING LOTION as a spot treatment for years! So if they feel a breakout coming on, they use a q-tip to apply this and let it dry out overnight.
  • Although this AZTEC HEALING CLAY can be used for a variety of reasons, it’s an awesome spot treatment for breakouts and great to have on hand. Poppy saw a huge difference using this! 
  • What used to be a prescription is now over the counter and it’s DIFFERIN. Such a great medical grade product.


  • Avery & Poppy love doing masks 1-2 times a week! When you’re using harsh products to fight acne it’s important to balance the skin out with products to help soothe the skin. They love this LANO FACE RECOVERY MASK from Anthro!
  • My girls love the way this SKINCEUTICALS CLARIFYING MASK feels! They say you can feel it purifying your skin!
  • They love the smell and feel of this BLISS MINT CHIP MANIA MASK from Ulta! 



  • Avery & Poppy each keep one of these KOPARI LIP GLOSSES in their backpacks! 
  • Like me, my girls are obsessed with their LANEIGE LIP MASK TREATMENTS! Such a great formula for the softest lips!
  • I’ve carried aquaphor in my bag, drawer, car, every bathroom for over 20 years. I literally feel naked without it! My kids also love AQUAPHOR HEALING OINTMENT! Always a great option.