lisa allen of salty lashes sharing winter family vacations

Winter Family Vacations

Once the holidays have settled down and new year routines have started, I get a little stir crazy. I love planning a fun getaway for my family. What I’ve learned over the years is that it doesn’t take much to create amazing memories with your family in all situations! Expensive or not, long or short, warm or cold weather, packing light, there are SO many fun trips you can take with your family this time of year!

Since we live in California, my family & I try to visit the snow at least once a year. Last year we skied in Mammoth and this year we are deciding between a couple of places. Even though California winters are beautiful, a change of scenery is so much fun! Let’s talk about Utah winters though; SO beautiful! If you’re looking to splurge a little on a winter trip with the family, you can never go wrong with Park City, Utah! 

If you don’t have a ton of time to take off for a trip, make the most out of a day trip! Sometimes the girls will pick a city in California they want to explore and we will make a day out of it! 


cold weather packing, ozzy for backcountry and patagonia

cold weather packing

If we lived in a colder state, I’m sure we would be more than ready to escape the snow! Even though we live in a beach town, it’s fun to travel somewhere else and experience a new beach, new state or new culture!

If you can’t make it to a beach, head south! Arizona winters are beautiful and warm! Rocky Point, Mexico is a fun & simple beach destination for a beach day! So anywhere you can go that the weather warms up, head there with your family! I really want to go to Florida, specifically Seaside or Palm Beach. Getting out of the cold for a few days definitely helps break up the  monotonous snowy winters.


lisa allen of salty lashes kids for backcountry, warm or cold weather packing

lisa allen of salty lashes with her husband jeff and daughters at the beach in encinitas, warm or cold weather packing

lisa allen of salty lashes with her husband jeff and daughters at the beach in encinitas CA showing Catch Surf, Yeti and Backcountry

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