VSP Individual Vision Plans

This post is sponsored by VSP Global. All opinions are my own.

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Remember when I shared the stats from the VSP Vision Care Survey? Now that you know why annual eye exams are so important,  I have also got the solution that makes taking of your eyes easy and affordable! As I mentioned, I have been wearing glasses since the 5th grade. Growing up using contacts and glasses, I’ve learned the importance of eye health, exams and care.

VSP Vision Care offers personalized Individual Vision Plans for anyone who doesn’t have access to vision coverage through their job. These plans give you the same quality vision care, and service you have enjoyed through work, but they’re available directly to YOU.

What does a VSP Individual Vision Plan Offer?

VSP Individual Vision Plans give you access high-quality eye exams, frames, lens enhancements (like progressives), contacts and more.

If you don’t currently have access to vision coverage through work, or never have in the past, VSP Individual Vision Plans can help you find vision coverage for as low as $13 a month! They also provide year-round enrollment, giving you the chance to enroll anytime of the year you’d like. The plans are budget-friendly and cost-saving. Absolutely perfect for those who are retired (since Traditional Medicare doesn’t cover annual eye exams and glasses or contacts), working part-time, not covered through work, aging off their parent’s plans or self-employed (like myself).

What You Can Expect From VSP Individual Vision Plans

Savings. Saving money is so important in a family six. VSP Individual Vision Plans are providing our family options of quality care and keeping our benefit packages at prices that won’t break the bank. A typical VSP Individual Vision Plan customer saves more than $200 on their vision plan! And, that is just with the Standard Plan.

VSP is FOCUSED ON YOU! They want to provide you with the high quality eye care. Your wellness comes first, always. They are the ONLY national not-for-profit vision insurance company. You can find peace of mind knowing that they’re simply there for your benefit and health.

The enrollment process simple and fast. You can either enroll online in minutes or enroll on the phone by calling 877-988-4746. Once you’re enrolled, you’re able to begin using your benefits within five business days! So quick.

You also get a wide selection of frames and lenses for you to choose from. With hundreds of options ranging from classic to simple to trendy, I can always count on finding pairs that I love! Their frames are stylish and most importantly, there are lots of budget-friendly options.

VSP Individual Vision Plans bring me peace of mind knowing that my health and the health of my family comes first. For as low as $13 a month, I receive quality care, exams, frames and more.

To have an affordable and inclusive eye care plan personalized to me and my needs, I couldn’t ask for a better vision care option.

VSP Individual Vision Plan