Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes wearing all black with Something Navy Belt and Chanel Vanity Bag

Weekly Update + 10 Black Pieces You Need For Fall



I sound like a broken record, I get it. This is week 3 of our room being under construction and Jeff and I sleeping in the family room. The plumbers let us know it’ll be another 2 weeks till they are finished with the master bath and we can have our room back. Wahhh, it’s fine. I’ll admit, I’ve lost my sh#@ more than once and blame a kinked neck and my 4-5 hours of sleep per night. Jeff’s finishing up the teak wall in the dining area and we added new DINING CHAIRS I had been waiting on for a few weeks. He’s also finishing up my office which I am so so so excited about! Also Jeff’s birthday is this Saturday!


If you’ve been following along on my Instagram story, which I hope you all do. I think story represents our family far better than a Instagram feed. Back to my point..if you have been following, you know Avery and Poppy decided to be best friends last week. I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s been blissful between the two of them, however they have really turned a corner and are so much cooler to each other #prayershavebeenanswered.

Also, I am beyond proud of Avery. She gets HERSELF up every morning at 5:30 to get ready. She then wakes me up at 6 and I drive her to an early morning church class for youth called seminary. I took the same class all through high school, but it was built into my school schedule in Arizona. I truly admire her desire to make good choices and hold herself accountable showing up every morning an hour before school starts for a religious class. It’s dark and cold and she has not complained once.


Today is the one and only Goldie’s birthday! She and Jeff’s birthdays are one day apart. Goldie is also on fall break, which makes for an extra great birthday! She is so excited to be out of school, pick her dinner spot, open presents, go to a pumpkin patch and then to a Haunted House with Jeff and I. On Saturday both she and Poppy have lacrosse tournaments an hour away starting at 8am and ending at 10pm #happybirthdayJeff;)

Ozzy has most of her teeth now and holy cow, they are sharp! We call her sharknado and Dennis for Dennis the Menace. She has more energy than the rest of the girls combined. Requires very little sleep and just wants to go go go all day!

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes wearing all black with Something Navy Belt and Chanel Vanity Bag

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes wearing all black with Something Navy Belt and Chanel Vanity Bag

10 Black Pieces For Fall


Fall is here and today I’ve sharing 10 black items to add to your wardrobe ASAP! Now you definitely do not need this Chanel bag. I however am so stoked I finally got mine. I was on a wait list for almost a year, then found it via Fashionphile! Are you familiar with this incredible site? Located just down the street from me, they resell luxury handbags and accessories in pristine condition. 100% authentic bags. I’ve toured the facility and was insanely impressed with all the steps taken to ensure you are getting the best of the best!

10 Black Pieces For Fall

  1. These BLACK BOOTIES I’m wearing today are super comfortable! True to size. I prefer a pointed toe boot. It helps give the illusion of a longer leg. My 5’4″ body is grateful..
  2. These BLACK JEANS have a good amount of stretch and run true to size. I’ve been wearing them for almost a year and they still look brand new!
  3. You first saw me wear this BLACK TOP in white during our InterContinental Stay. Wearing a XS. I LOVE the high neck buttons!
  4. I bought this BLACK STUDDED BELT last month, part of the Something Navy collection. Wearing a small. It’s so cute with dresses too!
  5. A black LEATHER(faux) SKIRT can go a long way! This came in the mail last week and it’s so good!
  6. I have this WIDE LEG JEAN in 2 other colors and now I want black. They look so good cuffed or rolled. Size down.
  7. A basic black CHUNKY SWEATER I love + it’s under $50!
  8. I love black LEATHER JACKETS, so so much! This moto style is calling my name and it’s on sale!
  9. A great LBD! I love the SLEEVES here.
  10. I’m ordering these BLACK and CLEAR HEELS!!


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