Weekly Update + New Men’s Arrivals from Nordstrom

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Father’s Day often creeps up on me and then I find myself scrambling to buy my dad and Jeff something I don’t even know if they’ll love. I wonder why I wait so long and am determined to order early this year! Today I’m sharing some new arrivals from Nordstrom that Jeff absolutely loves! These are all great items the man in your life might want for a wardrobe refresh, vacation and even Father’s Day! Tip: Always check New Arrivals on Nordstrom.com for the most up to date pieces.



Avery’s track season is almost over, which she’s super happy about. Only 5 weeks left of school for the kids! I can’t believe how fast this school year flew by! She has yet to take her drivers permit test, her choice and to be honest, I’m totally fine with that. She’s been babysitting and earning money for our trip to New York next month.

Poppy is literally counting down the days until she gets out of middle school. This year has been a challenge, just as 8th grade was for Avery. She’s ready to get to high school, meet new kids and have new experiences. Middle school is roouuuugh! She’s playing lacrosse 3 days a week and excited to play on a tournament team and go to a lax camp in June.


I laugh watching Ozzy follow Goldie around all day, getting into her stuff, saying “Goldie, Goldie” over and over. For the most part Goldie is cool with it, but she does get super annoyed by it too.  When I remind her that she did the same thing to Poppy, she immediately apologizes to Poppy, haha!

Ozzy had her 2 year check up last week. You guys..99% for height! She is 37 inches, the same height Goldie was at age 5, no lie!!

Jeff and Lisa Allen sharing New Men's Arrivals from Nordstrom

New Men's Arrivals from Nordstrom

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New Men's Arrivals from Nordstrom by Jeff from Salty Lashes

Jeff and Lisa Allen in All saints - New Men's Arrivals from Nordstrom


LISA – DRESSDIOR SNEAKERS ( in store only)