Amazon Tie Dye Hoodie for kids on salty lashes

What We Bought On Amazon in May

Another month of great amazing products for home, beauty & kids! I love all the great gadgets and items Amazon has to offer that are so practical, fun & healthy! 

What We Bought On Amazon in May

  1. These FALKSALT GARLIC SALT FLAKES are so good on pasta, veggie & meat dishes! Such a great price and a great touch to any meal.
  2. COVER YOUR ASSETS is such a fun family game with strategy, trade & money elements! We love playing. You can also buy multiple decks for playing with more people/
  3. This GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT CONCENTRATE is a great natural product with hundreds of health & home uses! It’s an awesome ant-bacterial, antibiotic & antifungal product to keep in your home. I add a few drops to a bowl of water and let me fruit sit to remove the pesticides. 
  4. I swear by my OXO SALAD SHREDDER & BOWL. We’ve had ours for a year and use it weekly! They make great gifts as well.
  5. This HOT TOOL MAT is great for using on your countertops to set hot curling or straightening tools on. Love the pocket for easy storage as well.
  6. This EYEGLASS CHAIN is made of little seashells and is so cute! Love this for wearing with my sunglasses at the beach or blue light glasses when working.
  7. Ozzy has loved playing with this BATTAT PIRATE TOY SET in our pool! All the accessories are so fun for a kid’s imaginations.
  8. This MICROWAVE BOWL POPCORN MAKER is so cool and makes a great gift! It’s so easy to use and makes homemade popcorn in minutes.
  9. I ordered Ozzy & Goldie each one of these COLORTONE TIE DYE HOODIES! They’re $24, great quality and the muted colors are super cute!
  10. My kids and I have been wearing these BLUE LIGHT GLASSES during zoom calls! They’re so beneficial for your eyes against blue light and they help prevent headaches!
  11. Love these REUSABLE MICROFIBER CLOTHS for cleaning my car! I keep a few handy at all times to wipe down my dash, screen & seats at the car wash.
  12. These SILICONE FACE CUPPING TOOLS are great pore cleansers for your skin! They help increase blood flow and provide great anti-aging and anti-wrinkle benefits!
  13. Love this ELTAMD FACIAL SUNSCREEN. Amazing quality and great for all skin types! Essential in the summer.
  14. Every summer, the amount of nice beach towels in our home dwindles from my kid’s friends borrowing them. I love buying a 12-pack of these cheap BEACH TOWELS to lend out & not worry about.
  15. I love using these CHIN SLIMMING MASKS a couple times a week! They truly help depuff my jaw and tighten my neck and chin area.
  16. These GARDENING GLOVES are so cute & come in a pack of 3 for $14!
  17. My girls have a blast with these WATER BLASTERS for the pool! Super fun and a great deal for 6.

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