Back To School With HelloFresh

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I love the sense of routine that the back-to-school season brings to my family! After a summer of travel, camps and differing schedules, I am so ready to jump back into a routine that works for my family & I. A huge part of my family’s day that I love to make a priority are our meals together. I am so excited to partner with HelloFresh and share how immensely they changed the cooking game in our home!

HelloFresh is an amazing, all-included meal service that delivers fresh, simple and delicious ingredients for recipes directly to your door. Each box is packed with everything you need for certain recipes to feed your whole family! HelloFresh’s simplicity makes jumping back into the school year easier than ever!

Back To School With HelloFresh

Quick & easy meals are so important in our home. With a busy family of 6, quick meals that nourish my family are essential but can be hard to plan for. I love that HelloFresh delivers me everything I need for delicious recipes for my family. I’ll take any opportunity to skip a trip to the grocery store and know that HelloFresh has everything I need to make dinners. I also love to increase my HelloFresh box size and use the leftovers for my girl’s school lunches! Such an easy way to prepare for 2 meals of the day. HelloFresh’s reliability is unlike any other, guaranteeing yummy, easy options for my whole family.

I love how HelloFresh offers something from everyone. From vegetarian meals and calorie conscious options to mediterranean dishes and desserts, HelloFresh offers 50 weekly meals and Market Items to choose from! This is such a great way to add a new variety of cuisine into your family’s diets. HelloFresh makes customizing your weekly menu easy, by allowing you to add on additions like salads, breads and desserts! Their pre-portioned ingredients help you and your family cook sustainably without waste. 

HelloFresh’s amazing delivery service arrives promptly at my door each week and allows me to focus on other aspects of my day without worrying what I will be cooking for dinner. We have loved all of our HelloFresh meals and look forward to each new recipe we get to try. With code LISAALLEN14, you can enjoy up to 14 Free Meals including shipping on your first box! This is an amazing offer to take advantage of a service I promise you will love. 

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