Easiest Ice Cream Sandwich Hack with Yasso

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I am always looking for life hacks to simplify things! Last summer we shared our favorite 5 MINUTE ICE CREAM PIE with Yasso. Today we’re back with our #1 Frozen Greek Yogurt to show you the easiest hack to making the perfect ice cream sandwich! In February we taste tested 18 Yasso flavors and narrowed down some of our favorites in this INSTAGRAM. Having tried them all I knew we couldn’t go wrong selecting a few PINTS for our ice cream sandwiches. We chose: Party Animal, Best of Both Swirlds and Fudge Brownie Bravado!

Easiest Ice Cream Sandwich Hack with Yasso


Cookies – homemade or store bought. You could also use protein cookies from your favorite protein brand.

Yasso Pints – use their STORE LOCATOR to locate pints in your area

Sharp Knife

Sprinkles – any will do. I bought mine HERE

Cutting Board



Remove your Yasso pints from the freezer about 5 minutes ahead of time. After the 5 minutes, grab a large sharp knife and simply cut your pints into 4th’s. This makes the perfect ice cream circle to fit onto your cookie! Isn’t that such a good hack?! No more waiting for your ice cream to thaw to the point it’s finally spreadable. No more broken cookies trying to press your ice cream onto your cookie. So easy, so simple, so effective! Once you’ve put the top and bottom onto your Yasso slice you can then add sprinkles by rolling your sandwich onto a plate covered with them. That’s it! We made both of these for Ozzy and I in less than 3 minutes.

I can’t wait to see your ice cream sandwich hacks! Tag @lisa_allenand @Yasso on story and show us your creations!

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