BetterDays Greens

The launch of BetterDays last month has been exciting and totally scary! What started as a way to remedy my energy drink habit has turned into a business that I am really proud of. I can’t wait to see where it goes. I mean I have BIG plans for it to go far, so stay tuned…

BetterDays Greens

So what is BetterDays?

BetterDays Greens review

For years I have made my own fresh green juice or found myself spending up to $12 on a green drink yet still reaching for a sugar free energy drink to get my day going or keep my day going around 3pm. I always said I wanted to find a way to combine the two. This idea has literally been in my mind for years. About 2 years ago I started partnering with powdered greens companies. The health benefits were fantastic, yet I could barely swallow them. I wanted the benefits of greens but dreaded drinking my greens each morning. I KNEW there had to be a way to create a powdered green drink that tastes great! …and that’s where BetterDays was created.

 BETTERGREENS is the first product to launch, it’s an ALL NATURAL ORGANIC GREENS offered in caffeinated & non-caffeinated powder form. With 6 incredible flavors to choose from (3 caffeinated and 3 non-caffeinated) and more flavors on the way, incorporating greens into your daily diet has never been easier. 

BETTERGREENS comes in 3 CAFFEINATED OPTIONS; grapefruit twist, strawberry colada & watermelon lime. The 3 NON-CAFFEINATED OPTIONS are strawberry pineapple, arctic pop (think of a red white & blue bomb pop popsicle)  & juicy lime.

How to Mix Your BetterGreens:

Mix into water, sparkling water, lemonade or into your daily smoothie. BETTERDAYS BETTERGREENS are overflowing with amazing benefits for your body, skin & health including reducing inflammation, promoting gut health and lowering blood sugar. Not to mention. The BETTERGREENS powders are GLUTEN-FREE & VEGAN. 

2 sticks of BETTERGREENS for an adult equals your full daily vegetables. I love mixing my BETTERGREENS into my water in the morning for a perfect start to my day. I also love drinking another one mixed with a fun sparkling water in the afternoon for a little pick-me-up. My girls love them, too!

Can Kids Drink BetterGreens?

YES!! 1 stick per day for kids is the perfect serving amount of vegetables for them. Kelsey S. stated, “My two-year-old keeps stealing & chugging my grapefruit twist greens! So good! I’ll have to order him some non-caffeinated! Seriously so much better than any green drink I’ve tried!”. I love how easy, quick and delicious BETTERGREENS makes eating your vegetables. I also love that each stick is only 5 calories.

The BETTERDAYS BETTERGREENS are $52.95 for 30 sticks, making each stick only $1.77! Worth every penny. Plus, when you sign up for our flexible subscriptions, you can save 20%! If you’re looking to incorporate your greens into your daily diet in an easy & delicious way, BETTERDAYS BETTERGREENS are here for you! We’re beyond proud of our ingredients, flavors and delicious formula that have customers raving about BetterDays! 

Do You Only Ship to the USA?

Nope…we also ship to Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia!

It’s now been one month since we launched our first product; BetterGreens and here some of YOUR testimonials:

Lanie C says,

“OK, I’m a (at least 1) Monster a day type of girl. Need caffeine, also hate powdered drinks of any kind! I have never liked any of the ones I’ve tried in my life! I’m a tough cookie to crack in this department! My sister gave me some to try and I tasted the first one today and I was so surprised! It was so good! I enjoyed drinking it! It’s not “just a tolerable way to drink greens” but like it tasted great and was refreshing and I can’t wait to place an order!”

Kristin A says,

“I have to say-this product is the trifecta! Greens, taste & energy! Have one of the caffeinated greens each days for the last three days I have caught myself saying “wow, I feel really good right now” which is a HUGE deal..wasn’t until today when I realized it was because of the greens. I struggle with chronic fatigue due to the extremely low levels of iron and every day for the last 5 years has been a challenge, energy wise. Since taking BetterDays I feel like my normal self, which I haven’t felt in years. Just want to say THANK YOU!”

Rue R says

“I just gotta drop a note and say this week I received my BetterDays greens and…I’m seriously blown away by how good they are!!!! The Watermelon Lime tho. SHOW STOPPER!”

Erica Z says

“Just have to say, thank you. For excellent customer service and creating something that is kind of life changing (which is highly dramatic, but like, accurate) Thank you.

Esther says

“It really is so good! I was hesitant cuz the green drink that I bought a couple of years ago tasted awful but yours literally tastes like a little treat!! And I’m awake without all the coffee shakes.”

Cody A says

Even my kids love it and they are so so picky!”

Mindy D says

“Ok EVERYONE loves the watermelon but nobody talks about arctic pop! It’s LITERALLY THE BEST FLAVOR! I just set up a subscription for it because it’s my favorite, please don’t discontinue it!!!”

Brooke M says

“I’m reading a book right now called “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” and BetterDays is completely parallel and in-synch with what Dr. Campbell-McBride writes about. She has a degree in neuroscience and nutrition with her doctorate. It’s fascinating how gut health affects literally everything.”

USE CODE: BD10 for 10% off your order at BetterDays! 

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