Billie Razor Review

I am SO excited about partnering with BILLIE RAZORS. I tried their razor last month and was actually surprised how good it was! And I kept seeing blogger friends rave about them and thought there was no way they could be as good as they claimed for the incredible price! I was wrong. 

Billie Razor Review

BILLIE RAZORS are a simple, sustainable, subscription-based razor company that offer sleek & effective razors for shaving! I’ve gotten tired of throwing away and buying razor after razor. I’m sick of certain razors not working or getting clogged. BILLIE RAZORS have really thought of everything! Their shaving supplies are award-winning! And I believe it! In addition, these 5-blade razors are encased in soap to help your shave be smooth and hydrating. And have I mentioned the price? Only $9! BILLIE RAZORS and $9 for the 4 refill cartridges! 

So here’s how it works. You can head to BILLIE RAZOR’S WEBSITE and sign up for your subscription! You can customize your subscription and choose how often you receive new blades shipped to your for free! I love that I have the freedom of choosing when I need a new blade instead of an overwhelming amount I don’t need. You can also cancel or change your subscription anytime! No strings attached.

Avery & Poppy are picky about their razors like me. Gifting BILLIE RAZORS is the best idea for anyone! When you first sign up, you receive your BIllie Razor Handle (choose from 5 colors), the magnetic holder & 2 5-blade cartridges for $9! That’s it. I’ve never heard of a better deal! After that, you’ll get 2 4-blade replacements every 2 months and can sign up for a 6 or 12-month subscription (either for $27 or $54). 

Billie also offers other great shaving products like SHAVING CREAM, BODY LOTION & BODY WASH.

I love that their products are made with all-natural ingredients and paraben & sulfate-free. Billie provides you with everything you need for the best shave- I love it!

There’s nothing better than getting a fresh new cartridge delivered to my door for free. BILLIE RAZORS are game-changers in so many ways! They’re great quality, simple, cute & affordable. So what more could you want?

Billie Razor Review Billie Razor Review Billie Razor Review Billie Razor

Razor Review