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For years, I have admired Biossance a skincare company that formulates incredible products for all skin types. They hold the products to the highest standard of naturally-derived, pure ingredients that offer nothing but incredible benefits to your skin. One of my favorite things about Biossance’s skincare is the added squalane included in every product. I love squalane’s mega moisturizing benefits as well as its ability to help your skin age beautifully and seamlessly.

I’ve been especially loving Biossance’s SQUALANE + OMEGA REPAIR CREAM. It’s a rich, moisturizing cream that works deep to hydrate and mimic your skin’s natural lipids. The added squalane, omega fatty acids, ceramides & plant sterols work so well together to create this amazing cream.

During Biossance’s sitewide Spring Sale, you can enjoy 25% off sitewide! This is an incredible opportunity to score some of the best skincare products at a great deal. Right now you can take 25% off your order and add some new favorites to your skincare regimen. 

Biossance Sitewide Sale 2022

  • I love everything about this SQUALANE + OMEGA REPAIR CREAM. From the rich formula to the incredible ingredients, it is an incredible skincare product! Formulated to smooth your skin, even the texture, boost radiance and replenish moisture. 
  • This SQUALANE + VITAMIN C ROSE OIL is packed with nutrients for your skin and one of my favorite products to use in the morning. It brightens my skin and leaves it dewy & fresh.
  • Love the added lactic acid & clover in this LACTIC ACID + SQUALANE RESURFACING SERUM. Made to settle your clean skin and nourish it overnight for rejuvenated & exfoliated skin cells.
  • I’ve loved this SQUALANE MARINE ALGAE CREAM for years! It works quickly to smooth fine lines & wrinkles as well as visibly lifting and hydrating your skin.
  • This COPPER PEPTIDE + SQUALANE RAPID PLUMPING SERUM is so great to incorporate into your morning skincare routine. Love the hyaluronic acid for youthful skin with amazing elasticity and & firmness.
  • This SQUALANE + GEL MOISTURIZER is packed with probiotics to protect and defend your skin. I love the visibly brighter and more balanced results.
  • I think this ZINC + SQUALANE SHEER MINERAL SUNSCREEN is a must have for the upcoming spring & summer season. It protects your skin from the sun as well as works to hydrate and nourish. Reef safe and made with the cleanest of ingredients. 
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