Easy Easter Treat for Kids

I’m excited to share the fun, cute and easy Easter treat for kids! If you know me, you know I love popcorn. In our home, popping popcorn is a weekly occurrence. Once we find a recipe or candy that spruces up the popcorn, like this one, we love it even more! Popcorn is the perfect year-round treat that can be eaten simple or doctored up for the holidays or parties. It’s one of my favorite snacks! See my video on how to make my famous POPCORN, HERE!  

This recipe puts a fun twist on my famous popcorn and adds a little extra Easter goodness! With all of the amazing Easter candies and Easter desserts of the season, it’s the perfect treat, handout, snack, Easter basket stuffer or Easter egg filler! This is a great Easter activity that kids will love! With only 5 simple ingredients, it’s easy to make with kids and takes only about 10 minutes to throw together! Such a fun and delicious recipe to make! We love to have Easter brunch in our home and this is a great edition to the brunch spread. 

Some of our family’s other favorite Easter traditions are Easter brunch, our intense Easter egg hunt, searching for Easter baskets in the morning and trying new treats and candies together! As a mom, I love filling my kid’s Easter baskets with candy and items for the spring and summer season! In the past, I have loved adding swimsuits, towels, goggles, pool toys and pool floats to my girl’s baskets. It gets us all excited for the warmer weather and days by the pool together as a family. Jeff & I have a fun time filling up the Easter eggs with treats, candy and the occasional dollar bill or two. Our girls always take the Easter egg hunt so seriously and have such a fun time together searching!

I’m always grateful to find activities and recipes that kids of any age can participate in. With my girls being between the ages of 4-17, it can be challenging to find something to do as a family that includes everyone! We loved everything about creating this recipe together. From popping the popcorn, to mixing in the food coloring, we had a blast coming up with different concoctions and colors to make each Easter popcorn batch yummy & unique. My teenage girls had a fun time helping Ozzy and Goldie read and follow the recipe step by step. Ozzy and Goldie were so proud of their finished product and looked forward to sharing it with our family and friends! The cleanup was quick and easy. This is a great holiday recipe i’ll be saving for future Easters to come.

I got all my ingredients at Target in the Easter holiday section, but linked everything you need below via Amazon if you want to Prime everything from home. I also used the pastel M&M’s, but you can get creative and use almost any of the Easter candies like jelly beans, chocolate eggs, sprinkles or chocolate chips.  It’s a great treat to have along with all the other Easter goodies like breakfast cinnamon rolls, carrot cake or Peeps! Another cute idea is to add this treat to a cute bag or box to hand out! I love the idea of putting a little of this Easter popcorn mix into an adorable bunny box or Easter bunny cellophane bag. We dropped off some of this delicious Easter popcorn to our neighbors and they couldn’t get enough!

Easy Easter Treat for Kids


1 ½ Cup Popcorn Kernels (or 2 bags of microwave popcorn)

1 bag of Easter M&M’s

4 Pastel Colored Food Dyes

16 oz. Vanilla Candy Coating

Pastel Sprinkles


  1. Pop your popcorn! If using an AIR POPPER, I popped 1 ½ cups of kernels into a large bowl. You can also pop 2 bags of microwave popcorn to make it easy. 
  2. Divide the popcorn in half and separate into two large mixing bowls.
  3. Divide your Vanilla Candy Coating into 4 4oz pieces.
  4. Place each of the 4 oz pieces into their own microwave safe bowl and melt in the microwave for about 1.5 minutes, mixing every 30 seconds.
  5. Color each bowl a different pastel color using your food dyes! I did yellow, pink, blue and green.
  6. Drizzle two of the colors in one of the bowls of popcorn, and the other two in the other popcorn bowl. Mix with your hands.
  7. Once all the coating is mixed in the two bowls of popcorn, combine the two bowls into one large bowl.
  8. Add sprinkles (as much as desired) and the whole bag of Easter Peanut M&M’s. Mix together and serve!

So easy and so yummy! The colors are amazing and would make perfect as a snack or treat on Easter Sunday. I love a good mix of anything sweet & salty, and this popcorn does the trick! My girls & I had so much fun making this treat and will definitely be a new Easter staple each coming year. We love fun Easter activities and crafts and this is a perfect one to try out with kids of any age! 

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