Fila x UO

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The Italian sporting brand Fila has been around since 1911, isn’t that wild?! I wore Fila when I was a teenager & love seeing all the styles make a comeback for my kids! Urban Outfitters sells the best of FILA & has so many great options. The latest from FILA is fun with an old school 90’s vibe! FILA SNEAKERS can be seen all over our high school on boys and girls. They love that chunky “dad” sneaker look! Today Poppy selected a few pieces from the Fila x Urban Outfitters collection to share and a few are 50% off today only! 

Fila x Urban Outfitters

  • Poppy loved this COLORBLOCK SWEATSHIRT. The color combo is so good!
  • Poppy has these FILA PREMIUM SNEAKERS & they’re one of her favorite pairs! Likewise, they’re a great chunky shoe to pair with an over-sized tee!
  • I think these FILA CARGO SHORTS are too cute! I love the added belt & how UO paired it with a white long sleeve tee.
  • I’m obsessed with the light pink shade of these FILA AUTUMN SNEAKERS. So cute!
  • This SHERPA HOODIE is one of my favorite FILA pieces!
  • We got these MILANO QUARTER SOCKS & Poppy loves them! Above all, she loves the FILA logo on the ankle.
  • My girls love wearing beanies in the winter & love this FILA MONOCHROME BEANIE! It comes in a few cute color options.
  • If you like a more simple tennis shoe, these THEME LOW SNEAKERS are the pair for you! I love the light & simple design.
  • Poppy is obsessed with this SHERPA SWEATSHIRT! The color combos are so cute!
  • I love how bold these FILA NYLON PANTS are! They’re an awesome unique piece for your wardrobe.
  • Poppy is loving belt bags & had to get this FILA BELT BAG! Such a cute & classic style.
  • I can only imagine how cozy these FLEECE JOGGERS are! I may need a pair for myself!

the best dad sneakers for teens - fila x Urban Outfitters

fila x Urban Outfitters Fila pullover fila x Urban Outfitters fila raincoat

FLEECE PULLOVER(wearing a XS) JEANS (true to size) SNEAKERSRAIN COAT (wearing a XS)