Gift Guide for TEENS

Buying gifts for teens is not easy! Mainly because they change their minds roughly 1,435 times per day;) I enlisted a group of teenage BOYS and GIRLS (including my own) to help create the ultimate gift guide for TEENS! Product links are in bold writing 😉

Gift Guide for TEENS: Holiday Gift Guide for TEEN boys

Gifts For Teens: Boys

1. Allbirds tennis shoes: I love this comfy tennis shoe. I love how simple the design is and they are made of 100% wool for a cozy fit.

2.  Have you tried an electric skateboard yet?  They are so fun, your boys will love them.
3.  Nintendo switches are one of the most coveted video games this year.  I love how they incorporated all the old video games that I used to play as a kid.  And they’re portable!  You can play them anywhere.  So that’s a plus.
4.  If you’re boys are into football, this NFL Salute to Service gear is so awesome. They’re not your typical team colors, and the NFL has been wearing them to show support to America’s armed forces.
5.  I’m pretty sure every boy wants their own mini fridge in their man cave or bedroom.  Shoot, I might switch out my nightstands for one. It would make getting my morning Red Bull that much better.
6.  This is my favorite portable charger.  It plugs right into the wall and the charging cords are always attached.  I never have to remember to bring any other cords or cubes on a trip.  It even has a cord for my Beats earbuds.
7.  Boys love having their own Dopp kit.  May as well go the extra mile and get the matching duffel.
8.  Vans tennis shoes.  Enough said.  They never go out of style and look good with everything. Best part, they are unisex.
9.  GoPro Hero 6:  The newest GoPro.  This thing looks awesome. I’m dying to upgrade mine.  I have loved my GoPro more than any other camera.  This one can even go under water without a case.  High price point, but so worth it.
10. Vans x North Face Jacket.  It’s 2 of my favorite boy brands in one.
11.  Boys can NEVER have too many hats.  Apparently, they are the girls equivalent of shoes…
12.  Penny Board: These will never not be fun if you ask me.  And always so many colors to choose from.
13.  John Varvatos cologne sampler. I love when boys start wearing cologne and come to the house doused in it. 🙂 They want to smell good for the girls, just need a lesson in the whole “less is more”..
14.  Wireless Speakers. These are awesome for the beach, pool, working out with buddies.  Can’t go wrong with these.  Ever.
15.  Hoodie Pullovers. I love this striped Vans one.
16.  G-Shock watches. I’m so happy/suprised these are still around!  I used to have one myself when I was a teenager.
17. Mavic drone. This is another pricey one, but sooooo fun.  I’m always surprised by the talent kids have these days.  They’re ability to create such rad pictures and videos is awesome to me.  I love when I can combine an electronic with outdoor playing and being creative.  This is worth the money.  I REPEAT, it is worth it.
18.  Wireless ear buds. These are so rad.  Im obsessed with mine.  And actually haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like them.
19.  I love this simple black beanie. Good for boys or girls, really.
20.  Amazon Echo Dot. I love the leather wrapping on this.  Wouldn’t mind staring at this on a nightstand.  It’s so pretty.  Even if it is just a Dot.
Gift Guide for TEENS: Girls

Gifts For Teens: Girls

1. Girls are loving these cropped flares right now. These are under $100 and fit super cute!
2. Avery was gifted this hanging chair last year for Christmas. It’s her favorite thing in her room. Also, if you ask Avery it doubles as laundry hamper..;/
3.My girls love Calvin Klein bras. This is the newer sport bra style that isn’t a racer back, which they prefer.
4.We all love our curl wand! 
5. Finding swimwear for teen girls is a major challenge. Recently found these by Saylor. 
6. My girls beg for more S’well bottles. They lose them too easily. Christmas is the only time I can justify buying them.
7. Cool floor pillows are so fun for their rooms!
8. One of our favorite beanies, so many colors to choose from!
9. My kids LOVE room decor for Christmas and traditional laundry hampers are ugly. These baskets are cool for laundry to use for blankets.
10. Last year my girls each received a light box from their aunt Rachael. They all still use them. Really fun gift!
11. Vans are a family favorite!
12. Remember mood rings when we were kids? Now they have mood phone cases. I kinda want one too!
13. This lighted vanity mirror is a hot item! The price is great too!
14. We just did a shoot with Koolaburra. My girls LOVED theirs. 1/2 the price of UGGS and owned by UGGS..
15. Oversized jean jackets are big with teens right now. This is a great one!
16. Polaroid cameras are fun for every age! Loving the color of this one.
17. Teen girls love a simple highlight. They loved this palette with 4 sheer shimmer shades. 
18. Our favorite travel bags are by Walker Goods. Under $100 and hold a TON of stuff!
19. Like I said, girls love room decor. This bedding is actually unisex and I might want it too:)
20. We have one roller rink in San Diego. It’s 30 minutes away, yet my girls manage to roller skate every couple of months. I love that they love good old fashion fun!
21. I can’t say enough about these makeup brushes. They are great quality and the price is awesome too!
22. The selfie ring light= teenage girls.
23. I showed you these Levi jeans in my Black Friday post. Check story to see them on the girls. They also love their shorts! 
24. Each of the girls have these cactus lights and love them!
25. Perfect for the stocking and a good habit to get into, journaling! 
26. I asked the sales girls at Nordstrom what the most popular perfume is for teens, Flowerbomb. Also happens to be the scent Avery is asking for.
27. I am still working on a teen skincare post. In the meantime, this is the medicated moisturizer my girls use every day to help combat acne.
28. Again, more Van’s.