Teen Summer Activities

My family & I love it when summer rolls around again, especially Avery & Poppy! They squeeze out every bit of summer they can and I love watching them get creative and make the best memories with their friends and one another. Teen summers are full of swimming, bonfires, pool days, tanning & more. Between summer camps and summer vacations, Avery & Poppy love filling their summer days with all kinds of fun activities. My girls have already jumped into their favorite summer activities with friends and come up with the best ideas! 

Teen Summer Activities

Bonfires & S’mores

Most of my girl’s summer nights end with a cozy fire & yummy treats. Whether it be at the beach or at home, they love grabbing ingredients for s’mores, MARSHMALLOW ROASTING STICKS & BEACH CHAIRS. And how cute are these TATAMI BEACH CHAIRS from Urban Outfitters?! If you don’t live near a beach, dessert campfires are so fun! We also have a PORTABLE FIRE PIT in our backyard that makes for easy fires any night! My girls love to roast starbursts or add Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to their S’mores instead of Hershey chocolate.


Floating the River

If you go to Arizona, floating the Salt River is such a fun activity! It’s a great way to get some sun & spend time as a family! We love to pack lunch and blow up our favorite floats. These WATER FLOATS are sturdy, durable and perfect for tying to other rafts and floats for sticking together. My girls love bringing fun floats into the ocean or relaxing in our pool. This RAINBOW CHAISE FLOAT from Nordstrom is so cute & perfect for your pool. My girls also love this RETRO PHONE POOL FLOAT.



Avery & Poppy have been super into painting lately. We’ve bought a couple great kits on Amazon like this WATERCOLOR KIT & ACRYLIC PAINT SET. They’ve had so much fun experimenting and creating fun pieces they’ve hung in their room! Painting is a great way to pass time & a fun hobby to keep up. This 8X10 CANVAS SET also comes with 10 canvases to paint on.



Hiking is something teens everywhere can do! Hikes & walking trails are in every state and a great activity for teens to get out and get active. My girls like waking up early in the morning to beat the heat and hiking fun trails with their friends! Make sure your teens are hydrated, have snacks and are dressed with the right shoes and clothing for hiking. My girls love their ADIDAS ULTRA BOOST SNEAKERS for hiking! Lightweight & comfortable. They also love the pink accent in these ADIDAS NMD SNEAKERS. These ZELLA LEGGINGS are light and comfortable for hiking or these ZELLA HIGH WAIST SHORTS for when it’s super hot. This LEMEDY WORKOUT TANKS come in some great colors and are perfect for summer hikes.3 STRIPE TANK is a great top option for summer hikes!



Volunteering for a beach clean up is a great way to get active during the summer and serve! Avery & Poppy have done this before and gotten in their swimsuits for a tan at the same time. You can also find a local organization that offers cleanups near lakes & rivers for those not by an ocean! Through all the fun of summer, it’s great to find a balancing of serving and teaching the youth about the importance of keeping the earth clean.

Another great activity is to apply for a local job! We have local surf competitions here in California and it’s a great entry-level job for teens. 


Learn A New Skill

Summer is the best time to take up a new skill! My girls have been cultivating a few new hobbies and talents like painting, photography & playing the guitar. Avery & Poppy each got a FENDER ACOUSTIC GUITAR for Christmas and it’s been such a fun skill to watch them learn. This GUITAR is $260 on Amazon and comes with a bunch of accessories! We also love the color of this FENDER MALIBU ACOUSTIC GUITAR from Amazon.

Photography is another amazing skill for teens to take up in the summer. This CANON REBEL CAMERA is a great intro to a DSLR camera and comes with all the necessary accessories. Avery & Poppy have also loved taking a POLAROID and a DISPOSABLE CAMERA to all their summer activities! 


Tie Dye/ Bleach Dye

Tie dying has been a big activity in our household lately. Avery & Poppy have had so much fun perfecting their tie dying and bleach dying skills! We love this TIE DYE KIT from Amazon! We’ve also loved these RIT DYES! They come individually and in so many cute colors.

We’ve bought some great white clothing pieces to dye on Amazon! This GILDAN WHITE HOODIE is a great oversized hoodie. These WOMEN’S SWEATS are another fun thing to dye matching with a hoodie! These CREW NECK T-SHIRTS come in a 6-pack and are great for tie dying with friends! Also love these WHITE RIBBED TANKS for dying and tucking into your favorite high waisted denim.

Call me crazy, but I think it’s great for teens to keep up their education during the summer! Even if they aren’t in summer school, throw a few practice tests at them throughout the summer. I feel like it teaches them great life skills, and to always be learning. This could include a summer reading list as well! Reach out to your teens high school and see what books they may be reading in the upcoming school year! This is a great way to keep their brains working as well as create a habit of downtime and self discipline as well.
Game Nights
I love hosting my teenager’s friends at our home. They’re always a hoot and so much fun to have around! Help your teen plan a fun game night and buy some yummy treats for the occasion! We love games like COVER YOUR ASSETS, MONOPOLY DEAL and LEFT RIGHT CENTER. Cap the night off with ice cream or another summer dessert!