How to Style a Teen’s Bedroom

There are a few things you should know about Poppy. One, she is super patient. Two, when Poppy gets her mind set on something, she sticks with it until it happens. Three, her favorite store to shop is Urban Outfitters! Poppy has been waiting patiently for a bedroom update for about 3 years. She’s 13 now and wanted to update her room and make it represent more of her teen style: clean and fun!

Partnering with Urban Outfitters for their HOME section was an easy match! To be honest it was just the push I needed to sit down with Poppy, make a few selections of bedding and accessories and finish her room before school starts and our time is extra limited!

What I have found to be important when working with my teens on their room style is to listen to what they want and then I tell them my ideas. Once we’ve had the conversation and understand what each other like, it’s easier to find pieces that keep the esthetic of our home and still create a space the girls love! Teen bedroom ideas are so fun to think of, style and create.

There are so many fun trends for the interior design of teen rooms right now and Urban Outfitters offers an amazing selection of furniture, decorations, shelving, storage and bedding. I love the textures, colors and patterns you can add to a teenager’s bedroom design. It’s so important to incorporate your teenager’s personality and style while maintaining a functional, organized space. I love using baskets, floating shelves and dressers to widen storage options and help relieve a cluttered environment. Luckily, Poppy loves clean, bright spaces, so creating an organized, light space was easy! Another great tip is to use light, solid colors for your big pieces (duvet cover, dressers, bed frame, chairs) and then add pops of color for expression. Light pieces help make a small space appear bigger! This tip works well for both girl’s and boy’s bedrooms. You could even incorporate a canopy bed for a beautiful room feel.

#UOHOME for Teen’s Bedroom 

We started with bedding! Poppy knew she wanted all WHITE BEDDING. We found this COMFORTER SET and it’s crazy soft! With an all-white, solid comforter, it’s great to add some texture with a throw blanket and pillows. We are obsessed with these AMPED FLEECE THROW BLANKETS in our house. And all of my girls have one in their room! So soft and a great addition to any bed. This RUMI SHAG THROW PILLOW comes in a few cute colors and is such a cute pillow for a bed or chair in a teen’s bedroom!

The floors in Poppy’s room are dark and her her room is smaller so she really wanted a white rug. In my opinion white rugs are never a good idea for kids, so we compromised on a navy rug!  The 5×7 was the right fit for her space.

Urban Outfitters has the most fun selection of accessories and gadgets. Adding a fun, accent light is an awesome way to spruce up a girl’s room and bring out their personality! This SMILEY FACE LAMP would be perfect on a nightstand or dress! I know a lot of teenagers love having colored, unique lights in their rooms! I also love adding pendant lights in the corner of the room.

The girls all love their POLAROID CAMERAS! It’s fun to take a bunch of photos with them and then use them later for a display on these PHOTO CLIPS.


These ROLLER SKATES are so adorable and a fun, useable accessory in a teenager’s room.

We love Urban Outfitters and had so much fun decorating Poppy’s room!


  • Obsessed with this JERSEY KNIT T-SHIRT DUVET COVER.  It comes in some great colors options and is available in all bed sizes! Such a soft comforter and perfect for teens.
  • These PHOTO CLIPS are such a fun way for teens to display photos/polaroids of them and their friends! Great way to decorate a blank wall.
  • Love these ROLLER SKATES and all the fun colors they come in. Cute enough to leave out in a teenager’s room!
  • I love the textured floral design on this MARGOT TUFTED DUVET COVER. I love the design and simple style.
  • This RUMI SHAG THROW PILLOW comes in 5 adorable colors. I love the tassels and texture it can add to a bed or chair.
  • My family & I are obsessed with these AMPED FLEECE THROW BLANKETS. They come in great colors and are so soft. We air dry ours and they’ve stayed soft for years. They make great gifts as well and are awesome for teen’s rooms.
  • How cute is the floral design on this VALLEY CRUISE THROW BLANKET! Super cute, unique throw blanket.
  • I love the navy color and design on this ODESSA RUG! Perfect for a teenager’s room and easy to style. Black & white rugs are adorable as well!
  • This SMILEY FACE LAMP is so cute and such a fun, unique piece for a teen room. Great for a desk or nightstand.
  • Love these VELVET ROUND PILLOWS! Another awesome throw pillow that adds some color and texture to the room.
  • This RATTAN MULTI-HOOK is awesome for teen’s backpacks, purses or jackets.
  • My girls all have a POLAROID CAMERA and I love seeing the fun pictures they take of them and their friends. The photos make for the cutest, personal decorations! So cute for creating a gallery wall of all of their best memories!
  • These RATTAN PLANT STANDS come in 3 sizes and are such a fun, decor piece. Put a fake or real plant in for a great decoration!
  • I love this YOJI CHAIR! Such a unique furniture piece and comes in two colors. Love the modern, oversized style.
  • These LYDIA WOVEN BASKETS come in 3 sizes and are fantastic for a teen room! I love finding ways to add extra storage in my girl’s rooms.
  • Poppy loves having a JEWELRY STAND on her desk! It’s perfect for organizing her necklaces & earrings.
  • This GOOD VIBES TEXTURED WALL-HANGING is such a fun decor piece! Great for above a teen’s bed or accent wall.
  • I love the design of this WALL-MOUNTED WARDROBE and how much extra storage it brings into a bedroom.
lisa allen of salty lashes sharing how to style a teen bedroom with Urban Outfitters Home lisa allen of salty lashes sharing how to style a teen bedroom with Urban Outfitters Home Teen's Bedroom lisa allen of salty lashes sharing how to style a teen bedroom with Urban Outfitters Home Teen's Bedroom

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