Nicole Kidman Brunch with Neutrogena

When Neutrogena reached out to invite me to a brunch Nicole Kidman was hosting on their behalf, I said yes. Then when Neutrogena emailed me again a couple of days later to ask if I’d be interested in interviewing Nicole, I was said ABSOLUTELY! There were 4 of us asked to interview, I felt honored to be one of them. Truly.

For the interview we went into a room at the Lombardi House up in L.A. They had us wait outside and gave us the rundown on no photos, no video, etc. Totally understandable as we wanted to keep the conversation centered around skincare and overall health.

You guys, Nicole was so kind, so normal, so inviting! I try not to have any expectations when meeting someone for the first time, but had I with Nicole she would have exceeded every one of them. 

nicole kidman on aging

Nicole Kidman Brunch with Neutrogena

After our interview we sat down to an amazing brunch hosted by Create & Cultivate and Neutrogena. I got to hang with some of my Orange County blogger friends and meet new entrepreneurial women. There were stations set up with hat embroidery, makeup touchups, a juice bar and a Neutrogena sun care station to test and take home different sun protectants.

We also sat down for a panel discussion with the author of The How of Happiness, Sonja Lyubomirsky, along with Nicole. Sonja shared the message that our everyday choices directly affect our happiness.

Here are a few things icon Nicole Kidman had to say

 Nicole on AGE and What She Would Tell Her 20 Year Old Self: 

“I would just say that there’s a long life ahead. Take care of yourself and know that you will make it to the age of 50 and beyond and you don’t have to worry so much,”

Nicole on Protecting Her Kids with SPF: 

” I love being outdoors and want my kids to experience that with me. I apply and reapply sunscreen on them every hour. Spraying them goes so much faster. The revolution in sun care has been extraordinary”

Nicole on EXCERCISE: 

“I’m the girl that wants to run outside. In the searing heat, I really do! I don’t enjoy the treadmill, I find myself staring at my watch for each minute to pass. I have friends who can read the paper on the treadmill. I can’t, I’d fall off.” 😉

Nicole on SKINCARE:

” About 5 years ago I decided I’d up my game in terms of taking care of my skin. I tend to be low maintenance and decided I need to take care of my skin by exfoliating and using serums. I like a mask! I also like the HYDRO BOOST line. Masks are a great way to relax and you know it’s going to work. I like sleeping in masks now. Somehow it makes me feel like I’m doing something really good for my skin” (I agree)!

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