Packing List for Hawaii

Aloha! We’re headed to Hawaii today. We opted out of a traditional Christmas this year and instead planned a family trip to the North Shore for the Pipe Masters! The kids are super excited. Jeff’s beyond stoked to see some of his favorite pro surfers like John John Florence, Julian Wilson and of course, Kelly Slater. The first half of the trip we’re staying in a Airbnb and the second half we’ll be at the Turtle Bay Resort. 

I’m always interested to see what others pack for vacation and wanted to create a Hawaii packing list for you. Now trying to pack light for a family of 6 on a 10 day trip seems laughable. But we did pretty good! Each of the kids brought a small carry on (Walker Goods) and a backpack. Jeff and I shared an Away suitcase and MZ Wallace bag, Ozzy ended up with own giant suitcase, haha. I totally forgot what packing for a baby was like.

ps..finding swim suits that a 12 and 14 year old WANT to wear and I will actually ALLOW them to wear is one of our biggest disagreements, year round (California kid/strict mom problems;)) We searched high and low for some good suits for Hawaii and found bathing suits both of us can agree on!

 What to Pack for Hawaii

Swim Suits:






Hawaii Packing List | Kids

Bathing Suits:


Shoes: they could bring two pair each

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