Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes shares her favorite products from Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s Haul

If you watch my Instagram stories, you know how much I post about Trader Joe’s. It’s not sponsored, I just consider myself their #1 fan. Actually, my sister Stacy is #1. I’m #1.5.

Want to hear an embarrassing story? You don’t..I’ll tell you anyway:).

I delivered Ozzy around 6pm on April 8th. Then left the hospital around 6pm on April 9th (24 hours is my max in a hospital after delivery, or I’ll go crazy in there). Jeff and I got home with Ozzy around 7pm that night and I just wanted to feel normal again. So I drove myself to Trader Joe’s to buy some fruit.

I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I was shuffling around the store holding on to the shopping cart for balance as though it was a walker. Three employees come up and offer to help me. So I must have looked ridiculous. Swollen, in sweats, taking baby steps with a look of pain on my face. One employee asked me multiple times if I needed help and so I told her ” I just delivered a baby, that’s why I look so beat”. Then, she congratulated me and asked how old my baby was. I replied ” I had her last night” haha. So after she got over the initial shock of me being there solo, like an idiot she helped me to my car and on our way out grabbed a flower plant and said “just take this, it’s on me” ha!


It helps having my local Trader Joe’s 2 miles away, so I can conveniently of stop by as needed throughout the week. I love their selection of florals. Really you can’t beat the prices and quality of flowers. Over the past 15 years of being a Trader Joe’s shopper, I have only found a handful of products we didn’t like.

A FEW OF OUR FAVORITE TRADER JOE’S PRODUCTSLisa Allen of Salty Lashes shares her Trader Joe's Haul: the best products from Trader Joe's

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes shares her favorite products from Trader Joe's

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes shares her favorite products from Trader Joe's

  • SILVER DOLLAR PANCAKES – Goldie eats these frozen.
  • ORGANIC UNSALTED BUTTER – you’ll need this for my upcoming popcorn post.
  • DELI MEAT – make my simple lunch/snack using deli meat, string cheese, pickles and mustard. First, just take three pieces of meat. Then split your string cheese into 3 pieces and layer with pickles and mustard. Finally, roll up and eat.
  • CHICKEN & CILANTRO WONTONS – The macros on these are incredible! 50 calories for every 4-5 wontons. I eat about 10 of them with with GYOZA sauce and 1/2 cup of microwave BROWN RICE PACKS. Follow package directions on wontons.
  • COTTAGE CHEESE – So I personally love it with cracked black pepper and tomatoes. Also, the kids are love these. Also, great with fruit.
  • MICROWAVE MAC N’ CHEESE – kids love these
  • FAT FREE FETA – always keep on hand for salads
  • STRAWBERRY JAM – kids eat this on waffles and bread
  • LENTILS- easy recipe. First add dip mix with bruschetta sauce, feta, and one lime squeezed. Also add a handful of chopped cilantro and one cubed avocado. Then mix all together and eat cold with a fork or with tortilla chips.
  • FAGE GREEK YOGURT – mix with a ranch seasoning packet for healthy veggie dip. Also great for snacks & smoothies.
  • ROASTED TOMATILLO SALSA – it’s amazing and a great replacement to my HOMEMADE SALSA RECIPE which you can also use in this CHICKEN TOMATILLO SOUP RECIPE
  • SAUERKRAUT- I love it! I put in on my chicken sausage
  • PARMESAN CHEESE – great fridge basic
  • YOGURT SMOOTHIES – Goldie thinks they are protein drinks. So she drinks one several times a week.

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes shares her favorite products from Trader Joe's

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes shares her favorite products from Trader Joe's

  • SPICES – they are all good! I use the CHILI LIME the most
  • HONEY – love adding this to cheese boards too.
  • BRUSCHETTA- mix with lentils (shown above). Also, you can top on chicken or salmon before you bake in the oven
  • CILANTRO DRESSING – my all time favorite dressing
  • QUESO DIP – less than 200 for the WHOLE jar! You can also mix it with VEGETARIAN CHILI to make a simple microwave dip
  • GYOZA SAUCE – love on wontons and also to dip my veggies in. Also, this is great for tons of asian recipes.
  • SOY SAUCE – less sodium.
  • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – lots of health benefits you can Google.
  • TACO SAUCE – it’s good!
  • BALSAMIC GLAZE – I use this to drizzle on tomato, mozzarella, basil salads and cooked veggies

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes shares her favorite products from Trader Joe's

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes shares her favorite products from Trader Joe's

Lisa Allen of Salty Lashes shares her favorite products from Trader Joe's

  • TACO SEASONING- my favorite. Also, each packet is the equivalent of 2 regular packs
  • ORGANIC POPCORN KERNELS – air popped popcorn recipe/video.
  • DRIED PINEAPPLE – no added sugar
  • CORN & WHEAT TORTILLA’S- Jeff’s favorite
  • BEEF STICKS- you know I love this snack!
  • PROTEIN PB GRANOLA – new item, and we like it.
  • CHURRO PUFFS – kids and Jeff liked this. I didn’t try it.
  • BRIOCHE BREAD – it’s heaven!! Also, it makes the best french toast





  • Reply kristen February 7, 2018 at 12:28 PM

    It’s so crazy that a lot of your TJ haul looks like mine!!! I would say at least 90% of the stuff you buy so do I! I do almost the same recipe with the lentils and bruschetta except I use the one from the fridge section and add spinach and eat it like a salad!! Next time time i’ll have to try adding the avocado like you, because avocado makes everything taste better!! Thanks for sharing your TJ haul. My friends think i’m crazy for always shopping here but seriously everything is sooo good!

  • Reply Jessika Campbell February 7, 2018 at 5:51 PM

    Seriously TJs is the friggin BEST! I worked there for five years and honestly they’re so good to their employees! Here are some tips some people don’t know about Trader Joe’s
    -They never resource anything from China
    – anything with a Trader Joe’s label is non-GMO
    – just go up to the office and they can print out different lists of their products for different dietary restrictions.. gluten-free, vegan, kosher
    – every Trader Joe’s resources fruit and vegetables as well as pastry/bread items from local bakeries and farmers. So you can find different pastry goods at different Trader Joe’s.

  • Reply Jennifer February 7, 2018 at 9:23 PM

    Love this post – Trader Joe’s is the best! I love their jarred bruschetta and their lentils. My aunt makes their dip similar to yours but uses the bruschetta from the fridge section. Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan. I wonder if I should try it with the jarred bruschetta and avocado (because, I agree with Kristen, avocados make everything better!).
    And you had me laughing so hard at your post-pregnancy TJ story! ? I was walking out of the hospital literally 24 hours after both of my daughters, too. And the nurses thought I was crazy for wanting to go home. I didn’t manage a TJ trip that quickly…but props to you! ? Can’t wait for your popcorn recipe!

  • Reply Kali Behneman February 8, 2018 at 6:52 AM

    I seriously don’t know how you went shopping right after the baby! I didn’t leave the house for a month after my second ? I can’t wait to try the bruschetta and lentils!

  • Reply Emily Winden February 8, 2018 at 11:10 AM

    LOVE this post!!!! I always get overwhelmed and never know what to buy at TJ. Just went and got several things to try. Even shared this post with my mom!!

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