Weekly Rewind: Updates, Swim Suits, Maxi Dresses and Denim


Oh my gosh, these two have spent at least 5 hours online looking for swimsuits for Mexico. They are going with their dad. He has given them each a budget to buy suits. The way teenagers think is they want to get as many suits as possible for the allotted budget vs what I recommended: get 2 quality suits each that will last. Of course they don’t listen..and ordered 8 suits from ASOS and I think they are keeping one, just one! Yesterday they begged me to sit down with them and help. I reminded them, had they just checked the links to posts on SALTY LASHES, they would have saved some serious time.:)


Goldie took April Fools Day a little too far this year by writing on several neighbors driveways with sidewalk chalk. I won’t tell you what she said, but I will tell you she is grounded and had to go apologize and clean their driveways with a bucket of water and a scrub brush. Ps. what she wrote wasn’t terrible and I don’t think she realized it was bad. But, she still owed an apology and a consequence. Ozzy girl is gearing up for her 1st birthday this Sunday! I’m curious what she’ll do with a smash cake. She’s pretty aggressive, so it could be entertaining.


  1. Wearing this FADED BLACK pair in THIS post. I love these because they hold me in, yet are stretchy and move with my body.
  2. This DISTRESSED BLACK JEAN is probably my most worn pair right now. The price isn’t as high as designer, but the quality and fit as better than most higher priced denim.
  3. This is my most RECENT PAIR of dark denim wearing in today’s post and also in THIS POST.
  4. The absolute best pair UNDER $100! Avery and Poppy have a pair, as do I. We all love!
  5. I love PHOTO READY JBrand JEANS because they hold their shape! They are super comfortable to wear all day and don’t stretch out!


  1. Every year Free People creates a great pair of SANDALS UNDER $100. 
  2. Also, check out this fun pair of FP SANDALS 
  3. Such a good RATAN CROSSBODY!
  4. Need a BIGGER BAG? Check out this one I just bought. I LOVE!
  5. I want these RED BEACH PANTS
  6. I’m wearing this BASEBALL TEE today. It’s $20. Wearing a XS.
  7. Loving this pair of CLOGS 
  8. You know my really distressed AGOLDE JEANS? I just got this NEW PAIR. Same fit, minus the giant knee holes. Size down.


  1. This EMBROIDERED MAXI DRESS is so light and fun! It’s so good! Wearing a XS
  2. I wore this DRESS on Instagram over the weekend. Available in several colors/patterns and can be worn on or off the shoulders.
  3. Here’s a good GREY BASIC MAXI for $20. Perfect to layer with a denim jacket.
  4. This WHITE LACE MAXI is so so good!!
  5. This CREAM DRESS with FLORAL SHOULDERS is really pretty for spring.
  6. You can’t this price! $35 for a BLACK LONG SLEEVE MAXI 
  7. This RED FLORAL MAXI comes in several other colors. I love them all
  8. I love this WAIST TIE MAXI, also comes in pink
  9. Super cute WHITE WRAP dress
  10. This LINEN MAXI DRESS comes in 3 colors under $100
  11. Avery wants this STRIPE BUTTON DOWN DRESS 
  12. This CREAM TIERED DRESS is now on sale!


  1. This WHITE SUIT with a belt is so much fun!
  2. My favorite BETH RICHARDS suit. I wear a small.
  3. This LSPACE REVERSIBLE suit is so good!
  4. Oh my! Look at this CROCHET SUIT! Bottoms HERE.
  5. BLACK with a BELT, love!
  6. I should save up for THIS SUIT, it’s my favorite!
  7. This WHITE LACE UP SUIT is really fun
  8. I just got this BLACK SUIT 
  9. Poppy got this STRIPE SUIT in her Easter basket. It’s super cute on.
  10. I’ve worn this CROCHET COVER UP for a couple of years. It’s super comfortable.
Lisa Allen wearing AGOLDE with Valley Eyewear and Free People and Gucci Flats in Del Mar California Lisa Allen wearing AGOLDE with Valley Eyewear and Free People and Gucci Flats in Del Mar California

FP FLORAL TOP(wearing a XS) – FADED BLACK JEANS (wearing a 24, true to size) – SUNGLASSES GUCCI FLATS ( more affordable option, HERE)